Busy…And Grateful

I have really been trying to buckle down at work, that is, not be jumping over to the Internet all the time between files, etc. (like I’m doing now).  I can honestly say that I think I’m developing adult-onset ADD, and that the Internet is partially responsible!  Who can I sue for this??  Inquiring minds want to know!

Anyway, I’m working hard, and by the time I’m done, just too tired to type any more, even for the fun of blogging.  I’m nearly ashamed to say I’m wrapped up in Dancing With the Stars this season, and so that takes up 2 nights.  When did I get stuck in front of the TV.

On the OTHER hand, Ms. G is transforming our yard, yet again.  I know she stresses out over it and I know I should help her more, but it’s that time of year when the heat of the day is the time I quit working, and I just CAN’T go out in the yard and work when it’s 90 degrees outside (like yesterday).  In any event, this is going to be one crazy garden year.  I’ll have photos in a little while.

I ate breakfast in our meditation garden this morning and just enjoyed watching all the birds dip and dive around the feeder.  They are so funny, with all their social habits and pecking orders.  They’re all getting “frisky” now, and it’s interesting to watch how each species “does it”.  Sparrows are VERY horny little birds!!

I have the most wonderful life.  I need to tell myself that more often–all the time, in fact.  I am right where I have always wanted to be, with a beautiful partner in a fabulous house, incredibly fertile and productive yard with critters everywhere.  The globe alliums are full of about 5 different species of bee.  I love watching them, knowing that at least in this little patch of ground, pollination is not going to be a problem!

This weekend we are going camping with some of the ladies from the Friday night dinner group.  Some of them will be leaving tomorrow, but I can’t leave till Friday b/c of work.  Most of these ladies are retired or at least in a position to take more time off.  However, we don’t have to come back till Monday evening, so that’s good.  We are going to the Great Sand Dunes National Park, which we have both wanted to see for a long time.  Yet another thing to be grateful for.  G is running around trying to get all the camping stuff together (not really that hard as she keeps it pretty organized) but this is the first camping trip in a while, so she wants to make sure everything is right.  She is just a wonder.  How did I get so lucky to find her?

So, back to work for me, and I’m not sure how much I’ll be here between this post and Monday, but I just wanted to put into writing that regardless of the trials and tribulations I may post about, overall, my life is incredibly wonderful, and I truly do not want to take that for granted.

I am humbly, humbly grateful for all my blessings.

With a full heart,



2 thoughts on “Busy…And Grateful

  1. It sounds like your G and my T are quite similar. T loves yard work and has transformed our yard from a bramble-filled jungle to a serene and comfortable hideaway. She keeps the camping gear sorted and stored away clean and ready to go. She is also a good cook! Like you I wonder, “How did I get so lucky?”

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