Dreams, Arrests and other Fun Stuff

Miscellaneous notes on the first part of the weekend:

Last night, I had a dream that I was driving along in our car, with G in the front seat, as usual.  I normally do about 98% of the driving which I don’t mind.  In the dream, up ahead, I see a big house off to the left, across a field of what looks like lush, green grass, or maybe it was hay.  Which ever, it was not lawn grass but meadow grass, longer.  Apparently, we were supposed to be going to that house for some reason.

All of a sudden, I just calmly drove off the side of the road, like I was going to take a “short-cut” across the grass, but in the dream, that was not the thought in my mind.  The thought in my mind was that somehow, I just “wandered” off the road for no good reason.

And then, when the front wheels got off the road, I realized too late that I was going over an EDGE into a ravine of some sort, tipping down WAY too fast.  In the dream, I was screaming, G was screaming, and when we HIT, BAM, there we were in the car at maybe a 45-degree angle facing down.  I was mortified.  I was worried that G was hurt, that I had completely totalled the car, etc.  I wasn’t worried about hurting myself, just G and the car.  On that happy note, I woke up.  I was a little bit nervous to drive today, but nothing happened, so that was a good thing.

In other news, my daughter got arrested at her son’s birthday party today.  She had planned this party out at the Pueblo Reservoir where they like to go fishing.  She and her husband got the food, bought GS1 his surprise BD present, a new bike, and invited some of his school friends and all of A’s extended family.  We were going to bring the cake, some coolers with ice, and the “surprise” and then we would all fish and have fun.

Which we did.  It was really quite a nice day.  The kids all enjoyed fishing, I actually bought a license, and it was just a lovely.

After the cake and the present, I had to come back home to work, so I told J (daughter) that I would come back when she was ready to leave to help carry things home, since it would not all fit in her car.  She called me, I was in the middle of a report which I finished, then came on to the park.  When I got there, the park police were all there, running everyone’s drivers’ license.  Apprently, they had gathered up all the stuff and were waiting in the parking lot for me to get there, and were playing their “boom-boom” music and some people who were there didn’t like it and rather than ask them to turn it down, they called the park police.

When they ran J’s license, she apparently had a “failure to appear” from DECEMBER 2008, and they put her in handcuffs and took her to jail.  Right in front of all the kids.  What shit.

Now, she just finished up a house arrest for a 4-year-old DUI and has been in NO trouble since then.  If she had actually had a “failure to appear” warrant, the court would not have LET her do the house arrest for the DUI, so I know this is some kind of “glitch”.

Anyway, A’s sister said she would take the kids, and I told A I would get the money to get her out.  The park police said it would be $100.00.  Not pocket money (for me) but not breaking the bank either.

AND she is supposed to start school on Monday for her first day of college.  She has been so exicted and so positive.  I do hope this does not discourage her too much.

If you read this, please send some good energy her way to get over this little “speedbump” and keep on her good path.

The other fun stuff?  We had a major thunderstorm here shortly after I got back home from all the park drama.  It was lovely and gave us lots of rain for the garden.  And, now I’m going to go take shower and go to bed.

Denver on Monday for preop for the 2nd knee surgery.

It’s always hoppin’ here in Pueblo.


One thought on “Dreams, Arrests and other Fun Stuff

  1. Un-effing-believable! I really feel for your daughter. She is working so hard to get back on track and doing so well! I’m sure this will get cleared up but to arrest her and handcuff her in front of her kids and their friends is just cruel.

    Sending positive energy and determination her way! And yours…

    Best of health and healing with the knee surgery. xoxox

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