Life, Interrupted

A few miscellaneous things:  Spent the day in Denver at the VA Hospital with G getting ready for the 2nd knee surgery.  Compared to the way things went with the first one, this seemed like a 3rd world country.  Most hospitals, of course, are not the most pleasant of places, but at the VA Hospital in Denver, there is a deep and permeating soul sickness.  It’s as if all the pain, and terror, and sorrow that all those thousands of veterans have seen and felt over the decades have just seeped into the walls and the floors and no amount of “brightening” does anything to relieve it.  The staff (with a few pleasant exceptions) is just as weighted down by this invisible malaise as the patients.

I would say if you ever had a question about the “rightness” of a war, go visit a VA hospital for a day and see how you feel coming out.

That’s all for now.  Just a thought.  Threw my neck out last night somehow, and went to the chiro this morning.  He cracked it a lot, but I still think there’s some kind of “kink”.  I’ll try heavy-duty meds and lots of ice tonight and if it’s not better, back tomorrow.

Send me some healing thoughts, if you will!


I do have to say, for the record, that G’s new dentist, is a real HOTTIE!  Plus she is as sweet as can be.  Perhaps a photo may follow….


2 thoughts on “Life, Interrupted

  1. I work in a hospital and I know exactly what you mean. Ours is actually a complex of hospitals and the older ones and the VA next door are full of that same despair. It has permeated the buildings and can’t be painted over. I am fortunate to be in one of the newer buildings.

    Healing thoughts are headed your way!

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