Our Lady of Perpetual Spinach

Been a while.  Things are busy, just like summer and busy bees all over the flowers.  Bullock’s orieoles are bustling around the feeders, and the robins want their daily bath in the fountain.  The sparrows are on the 2nd or 3rd batch of babies and this morning a teenaged robin made a perfect landing on the pergola right by my head.  Daddy cheered him on from across the yard.  Life is full, chez GG.

Today I cut yet another huge bowl of wonderful spinach from our seemingly eternal spinach patch:


This, along with a nice bowl of snap and snow peas will be steamed for dinner to go with the most wonderful concoction called cauliflower “cous-cous” that I got from this lady, thank you very much!

We had the boys this weekend, from Saturday afternoon till after breakfast today.  They have both grown a solid inch since January when I measured them last and marked them on our kitchen door jamb.  We hiked in the mountains yesterday in Beulah:

mpec hiking

The weather was perfect, and all of us made it the entire hike, which probably got up to 9,000 feet or above, and the vistas were perfect.  The boys said it was the first time they had really hiked in the mountains, so we celebrated by going to Dairy Queen afterwards!

Indefatigable after all that, they still have to play some football in the yard after a dip in the hot tub:


Today, after getting the boys back home, we went to the VA here in town to work on getting all the final details for G. knee replacement surgery nailed down.  They want her to have an MRI of her neck, since she has some disk slippage, and this will involve yet ANOTHER trip to Denver.  X-rays they can do here, MRIs, no, so 240 miles round-trip for an MRI.  Oh, well, you does what they says, right?

Later, I puttered a little bit in the garden which is flourishing where we took out the front lawn:




The little white gate-looking thing is, indeed, a gate that G found at the Habitat for Humanity “re-store” and we will use it for pumpkins to climb on.  Also, from my idea of using an old wheel, G make this fabulous bean pole:


…and the beans are starting to tendril up already.  We have these and the pyramid of pole beans and lots of bush beans in the back.  I have a feeling we will be giving away LOTS of beans this year!  Please visit and take home some produce.  The two of us can’t possibly graze through all this!

Time for me to head upstairs and get the veggies steaming.  Hope this spring-into-summer time is being as good to you as it is to us!


6 thoughts on “Our Lady of Perpetual Spinach

  1. Your garden in wonderful! So much nicer than lawn.

    Grandmothers like you are one of the greatest treasures a child can have in their life.

  2. Walhydra is envious of your garden…and suspicious of your pictures, which are dated 2001. Is the spinach that old, or is the camera’s calendar wrong?


  3. Dates are wrong! Dates are wrong! One day I will figure out either how to reset the date or take it off all together!


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