For the past week or so, G has been fighting a UTI.  It had to have come on fairly suddenly, because we were in Denver at the VA getting preop done for her 2nd knee replacement on the 1st and she never got a call that there was anything wrong with her “sample” from there.  Although I have to say I don’t have the greatest faith in that place.

The surgery was scheduled for June 23, and I had all my flextime and vacation time in place to be off for 4 days to be up in Denver with her–even had lodging lined up for little or nothing.

Then over the weekend (after the hike), she had a huge flare, pain, blood, etc.  She doused herself with quarts of water and by the end of the day felt better.  Yesterday, worse again and she went up to the VA here to give another sample.  Got in first thing but of course, no call back yesterday.  This morning, they called and she definitely has a UTI.  They had 2 prescriptions for her.  She was feeling too bad to drive, so I took her to get them.  She’s been out on the couch pretty much all day.

Also, she’s been trying to get this MRI of her neck scheduled that they want her to have and having no luck getting a response.  They called today to schedule it, but then when they saw the UTI, pushed her surgery back to July 9.  SIGH.  We know it could be WAY worse, that least it’s only a couple of weeks and not months, but we (mostly SHE) was all geared up for week after next, so it’s really a disappointment.  My take?  I think that deep down, she is really worried that the VA is going to bugger this operation and her body is freaking out.

Hopefully, we/she will get this all under control and taken care of.  She did get the MRI scheduled for Monday, so at least I can drive her up there, which is a positive step.

Keep those good vibes coming!


3 thoughts on “Bummed

  1. I think you are right about her body dreading and rebelling the upcoming surgery. Sending you both positive energy! Energy, Joy, Strength and Courage!

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