Miller Time


And I don’t mean beer!  That lovely little critter above is known in Pueblo as a “miller moth”.  I’m not sure why, perhaps it has/had something to do with the steel mill here.  Regardless, around this time of year, these “millers” hatch out of eggs that were laid the previous summer or early fall, and the entire town is PLAGUED with these things.

If you ever come to Pueblo in spring, and stop at a red light, you will notice small birds (usually swallows) darting and swooping like made in the intersection, almost at the speed of light.  They are after a hearty meal of millers.  The moths, naturally, are attracted to the streetlights at all 4 corners of an intersection, so the birds are happy campers.

We’ve been lucky for the last couple of years, and the millers have been light, but this year, they are back stronger and it’s quite something.  When ever you open something or turn on something or move something for the next few weeks, millers are likely to fly out of it.  The fly out of the mailbox when I get the mail, fly out from under the lampshade when I turn on the light in the bedroom, even come out of the fridge after having been accidentally put in the cooler–though there they don’t fly, they sort of wobble out to thaw on the counter.

They don’t usually bother me, except when they fly across my hair at night–OR when they pop out of some place I wasn’t expecting them–like the shower curtain in the morning.  Then, I’ve been known to utter a rather rousing screech!  Even with all our birds, we still get them.

One year, they were awful.  I remember trying to read before going to bed and the sound of moth wings batting around the light bulbs was just maddening.  I finally got an idea.  I told G to turn off all the lights in the house, but the one over the sink, which we did.  After about 10 minutes, we had a veritable CLOUD of moths over the sink.

Then I went out and turned on the lights on the back porch and propped open the door, then turned off the kitchen light.  After about 10 more minutes, the house was virtually moth-free, and we made sure all our doors were shut and the screens were intact.  Peace in the house!
GG – Moth Whisperer


4 thoughts on “Miller Time

  1. Very clever! I remember the year of the cicadas when I lived in Flagstaff. So. Loud!

    It’s more tolerable when you think of the aerial smorgasbord for the birds.

  2. Thank you, Ms. Walhydra! That is certainly more than I’d ever need to know, but I like the site ‘-)

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