Taking the Plunge

Once upon a time, I swam.  I swam a mile a day for exercise and for the sheer pleasure of it.  I never swam competitively, but my mother did not learn to swim until she was 24 years old, and vowed that her children would learn earlier, so I was swimming by age 2.  Truthfully, I do not remember NOT knowing how to swim.

Unless you are a member of a swim team, it’s really hard to find a place to swim around here.  None of the so-called “health clubs” have pools that are really good for swimming, i.e., their lanes are maybe 50 feet long, if that, so you spend all of your time turning as opposed to swimming.  I can glide 50 feet underwater on a bad day.

However.  This week, I took the plunge and put out feelers towards joining the Pueblo Masters Swimming group.  They swim Tues/Thurs from 5:30 am to 7 at a pool not far from my house and on Saturdays at County High, but the time is too late for me, since I work.  I have to join the Colorado Masters Swimming Association (COMSA), but what the heck.  If I am going to do this swim that I want to do (Alcatraz Island to SF bay), then I need to start NOW.

I have to talk about it.   I have to tell people or I will chicken out and not do it, so here is my announcement:

In September 2010, I, Grumpy Granny, plan to swim from Alcatraz Island into the San Francisco Bay.  It’s a swim of only 1.25 miles, but it’s in open water, which is HUGELY different from anything I’ve ever done, having only ever swum in pools and occasionally lakes.

So, there you have it, Internets, you are the first (except for G) to know about this new goal I have set for myself.  I will soon be in the market for a plus-sized wet suit, so if anyone knows a good place to get them, please feel free to comment.  I want a sleeveless, short-leg suit, really just to cover my torso.

I’m scared to death, but excited at the same time.  I’m hesitant to join this group, not really sure about swimming with people who have a lot more experience, but it’s something I feel I should push myself to do.  I guess we all need to do things that feel a bit uncomfortable at times–then when they begin to feel easy, we’ve added another skill to the set.

Happy Swimming!



3 thoughts on “Taking the Plunge

  1. Wow! That’s quite an undertaking! One question: Alcatraz is IN the San Francisco Bay… are you swimming to San Francisco? Oakland? One of the other islands? Surely you are not swimming OUT of the Bay, under the Golden Gate and into the ocean?

    I briefly swam with a Masters group in my area. I was swimming just for the exercise as opposed to competition or any other goal. The “real” members of the team took it all pretty seriously but they were nice folks and didn’t mind an amateur taking up space in the slow lane.

    I admire your courage and determination. Good For You! I suppose the English Channel will be next???

  2. Hi, E! No, the swim is FROM Alcatraz into/onto the shore in SF. I meant to include this link: http://www.south-end.org/invitational/ but I forgot. I read an article in AARP mag about a guy who did this and I thought, I can, too! I swam with the Masters group a few years ago very briefly, but some health issues forced me to stop until now, so I really want to get back into it. Swimming is my all-time favorite exercise, so it will be great to challenge myself in this way. Thanks for your encouragement!! English Channel? Maybe when I’m 80! LOL

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