Fall of a Prima Donna

I’ve written about our dog, Peaches, before.  She’s a little mostly-poodle that G rescued from a no-kill shelter shortly after we met for the first time.

She’s most often seen this way:

flat peach

Or like this:


She loves being out in the yard, but most of the time she’s out there, usually she is SO prissy and fastidious that she circumnavigates the entire yard on the concrete bed borders or the walkways that go around the house so she won’t have to get her little feet dirty:


Occasionally, though, she actually does think she’s a dog, and she will find something (a mouse, maybe, or possibly a lizard), and she will GO FOR IT.

This happened on Wednesday afternoon, coincidentally the day after G had given her a bath.  Perhaps she was making a “statement”:



And, finally,


Love the tounge–like, neener, neener, neener, I got dirty!  G. actually had to HOSE her off before she got another bath.

Gotta love those crazy critters!


3 thoughts on “Fall of a Prima Donna

  1. That’s awesome! I think it’s great when girly girls get dirty once in a while!

    Peaches is what grandpa called grandma so her name makes me like her automatically. 🙂

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