It’s almost time for bed but I wanted to write something.  Funny, I type on the computer all day, and when I’m done, what do I want to do, yep, play on the computer!

We had a great evening last night.  Had a couple over that we haven’t known very long but was one of those things where you meet first one half of the couple, then the other and everything is just really cool, like you’ve known them forever.  I met Norm when he was making me lattes at the coffee shop I used to go to after work at the law firm.  Then we met Tanya, his gf, when they were managing our favorite hot springs for a while.  We had talked about getting together after having several really interesting spontaneous conversations, but it didn’t happen till last night and it was great.

They live in Penrose, a smaller community about 20 miles west of here, and have goats and chickens.  Tanya brought me some frozen goat’s milk and I am going to try my hand at making cheese!   She teaches yoga and would like to get back into Buddhist sitting meditation.  I just started sitting with a Sangha here in town, so she might come.  Then, when I mentioned my swimming, Norm perked up and thought he might like to do that, as he used to be a swimmer.

We wandered the gardens, toured the house, sat on the porch, talked, drank wine, ate good food and just had a totally relaxed and relaxing evening.  I hope we can meet up with them on a regular basis.  They are good people and we all need good people in our lives.

G’s bladder infection or whatever is not getting better.  She’s on a 2nd round of antibiotics and the meds seem to be making her sicker.  She started them yesterday and got a headache (one of the side effects) and today, she’s barely been out of bed.  Of course, we have to be in Denver on Monday for her pre-op, but she called over and over again yesterday and today to see if she even had to go becase chances are they won’t do the surgery because of this infection, whatever it is.  Naturally, no one called her back.

Anyway, if we do go, at least she can go to the VA ER up there and see what’s going on, if she’s not any better over the weekend.

Last Sunday/Monday, it seemed as if the daughter was on the road to divorce (to hear her talk), but after we took GS2 for his birthday surprise (more on that in another post), and brought him home Monday evening, I haven’t heard anything from her and she hasn’t showed up at the door, either.  GS2 in particular is going to be devastated if they do break up.  He ADORES his stepdad and SO needs some kind of positive male role model in his life.  However, with her, no news is almost always good news, so I am going to remain optimistic.

And that’s about it for this episode.  Tune in later for further developments from Grumpy-land.



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