The Busiest Summer Ever

summerI am not a summer person.  It’s my least favorite season because I do NOT like the heat.  If you can’t stand the heat, they say.  Well, my preference would be to spend the entire summer in an air-conditioned movie theater, just watching film after film till it got cool outside and then I would leave.
However, that just isn’t going to happen.  So, for some reason this summer, I have been “out and about” more than I have been in years.  Most of this activity, though, takes place before the sun is well up.

Two mornings a week, I swim with a Pueblo Masters’ swimming group.  Masters’ swiming is for folks who love to swim and maybe even compete but are out of (in my case WELL out of) college and other competitive areas.  I’m not particularly interested in other competitions but I do have to get ready for my Alcatraz swim in 2010, so I joined.  The great thing is, the pool they swim in on Tuesdays and Thursdays is just a mile or so from my house, so I can roll out of bed, roll into the swimsuit, and roll into the pool before I’m even awake.  I’m already back up to a mile + in the water, so now it’s just a matter of time.

My son-in-law was over today and told me the new YMCA is open and they have state of the art pools, so will see about adding some “drop in” time there.  I don’t really want to join the Y, but I’d pay a little to use the pool.

On the days I’m not swimming, I’m either riding my bike or walking at the same time.  I had been riding my bike 4 or 5 miles, then the other day I went for an early walk and realized how much I missed it.  I have a 3-mile route that I can to with plenty of time to get showered and eat something by the time I have to be signed on at 7 a.m.  This route takes me by the local hospital, and it always cracks me up to see the nurses, orderlies, PAs or whatever standing outside smoking before they go back to work in a HOSPITAL.  Isn’t that something of a lifestyle oxymoron??

Another activity I started this summer is sitting; as in Buddhist Zen sitting.  I found a sangha that meets in the same place where I take t’ai chi, and decided to give it a shot a few weeks ago.  I love it, but did you know that it is physically not so easy to sit in one place for 25 minutes?  Turns out I had met the leader of this group in a neighborhood meeting a few years ago when he was the city planner.  Now, he’s working for the local community college.  Nice guy and very welcoming group.  I hope to deepen my practice by attending this sitting once a week.
I continue with t’ai chi.  I like the teacher but wish she would be a bit less “tangential” at times.  We bought a DVD that she recommended, but I find it to be very confusing because it’s presented in “mirror format” like you are looking at yourself in the mirror, but I prefer to have the moves presented as if I were watching them being performed.  Otherwise, I’m making progress–we are almost done with the first one-third of this form which includes 60 moves.  Even doing this short section is quite a work out, as it requires lots of balance.

Plus there’s the garden, all the stuff we are doing with friends, and some local venues that have started to have a wide variet of live music performances, some even early enough for an oldie like me!

Yes, this has definitely been the busiest summer I’ve spent in a long time, but oddly, I find that the more energy I put out, the more seems to come back to me.

So, as they used to say on one of my favorite shows:

“Get out and stay out!”



7 thoughts on “The Busiest Summer Ever

  1. You are my hero! I try to exercise daily, but definitely not that early in the day. I can’t believe you accomplish so much before 7:00 am!

    I’d love to try Tai Chi sometime. It looks so relaxing.

  2. GG, Read you blog and have to say I think it is pretty cool about your swimming and I am so excited about your event in 2010. I used to be one of those hospital smoker oxymoron’s. After 25 years of it I finally succeeded in quitting 539 days ago, and counting.

  3. Trish, big congratulations on quitting smoking. My wife, G, was once a 4-pack a day smoker, and now she is smoke free (had to be if she wanted to hang out with me). I have never smoked, so can’t truly understand how hard it is to quit, but I know it’s never easy, so good for you!!

  4. EM, thanks! I thought I could do things after work, but here in Pueblo the “heat of the day” is really from about 5 to 7 pm, so that’s out. It’s pre-dawn or nothing for me, and nothing is not an option, so I’m an early bird. Luckily, one of the things I got from my dad was the ability to get up early, so it’s a good thing!


  5. I guess I would say that I love all the seasons for different reasons. The things I like best about summer are the length of the days and the lack of rain gear.

    What I don’t like about summer is how busy it is and I definitely don’t like it when the temperature is over, say, the low 80’s. My comfort zone restricts as I get older… 🙂

    Good for you for all that healthy activity ~ and inactivity. I am not good at sitting in meditation. If I could lie down, that might work for me. I have decided to start riding my bike to work. Right now I am carpooling with T, but I need the exercise and it would probably feel good (after the first few times…).

    I’m excited for you on the swimming. How amazing that will be!

  6. I used to ride my bike to work when I worked in a law office. Had to get there early, tho, in order to make myself presentable after the bike ride! Fortunately, it was a pretty laid back office!


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