Another Reason Why

Yesterday, we got the house painted.  G had been wanting to get it done for some time and my daughter and her husband offered to do it for a pretty small price and we finally narrowed down the colors and found them (trim color $5.00 for 5 gallons in the Lowe’s mistint section–other people’s mistakes are our triumphs!).

Monday.  My day off.  My day off after having spent the entire previous day off cooking.  Don’t know why, just had some things I wanted to make, so I made them.  They were good.  But I was tired and I wanted to rest, not paint.

Daughter, hubby and all 4 kids show up.  There ensues much chaos, but eventually painting gets started.  I go rent a longer ladder so son in law can do the highest parts of the house.  Kids have projects, everyone is busy.  When I get back with the ladder tied on the car, one of our friends is there to pick veggies.  When I come in, it’s obvious she needs to talk.  So we go and sit on the couch and talk.  G is out painting with everyone.  I’m like, hey, we’re paying them to paint, let them paint, but s-i-l said some nasty things to the kids and that set G right off, so she’s painting like a fiend so they can hurry up and get done and go home.

While I’m talking to J, another friend L shows up to pick veggies.  She comes in and sits in the easy chair by the couch, right by the front door, which is open because it’s not yet hot, but really nice outside.  right outside, painting the ceiling of the little overhang of the front of the house that we did not take down when we put up the big porch 5 years ago.  She is perched on a little step ladder, her back to me, wearing her old, faded jeans, and a muscle shirt (aka “wife beater” but we are helping to raise boys, so we refuse to call them that).  Her hair is white blond from the sun, and her arms are strong and brown and her hips in the jeans, well….let’s just say I drifted out of that conversation just gazing at my totally beautiful, if paint-spotted, wife.

I must have made some kind of noise of appreciation because I suddenly came back to myself and the other 2 ladies were having a good laugh at my expense–which was fine.  L was the one who introduced us in the first place and we had our wedding at J’s former house, so they’ve known us from the very beginning.  It was really good to be among  friends who could totally appreciate my appreciation.

That G.  She grabs my heart a different way every day.


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