The trouble with digital photos is you can’t just pick up a bunch of them and shuffle through them.  “Photo album” has a different meaning these days.  Even if you are pretty good about making directories, and saving pictures by year or event, it’s hard to get a feel for some things–like how a place has evolved over time.

Today, I was going through some of the many photos I have of the house and yard since day one and I realized what an evolution of space has occurred.  When I see it visually documented, it is quite amazing.  So, I thought I’d post a bit of visual history about the house on Pine Street.  In October, we will have lived here 7 years.  I find that nearly impossible to believe, yet, there it is.  Here we go: (note first few pictures were taken with a VERY simple digital camera that was a gift from a friend).


This is the house in all its original glory.  Note the large trees on the south side.  There used to be one about where that flower pot is just above (with the pink flower), but it was dead, so we called an an arborist, had it removed and had all the others trimmed and shaped up nicely.  This was in October 2002.


Right after we did this, in January or February, the power company politely informed us that our trees were “too tall” and had to come down.


I still mourn those trees, but have come to agree with G that not worrying about branches falling on the house and leaves in the gutter are good things.

It was shortly after that, in the spring, that G. built the pergola in the side yard:


She pretty much did the whole thing one day while I was at work:


We decided we wanted to replace the trees, so we started with a redbud tree in the medicine wheel:

wheel2And a corkscrew willow on the other side of the front yard:

frontYou can barely  see it on the left of the bed.  We also decided to try some native grasses that year, too.  Some of those plants we still have, just in other parts of the yard.

Of course, even before we got settled in all the way, we knew we wanted a porch on the house:


So we cut out a space for it right away.  It didn’t take too long, and I found a guy who would build it exactly they way we wanted:

porch 001

And the trees grew, and the yard evolved:

front trees


As you can see the bed in the middle had by then evolved to be in front of the porch, and once again we had a bit of a lawn.  This lasted a little while:


Until we both decided that if we were going to put work and water into growing something, we might as well get a tangible benefit from it.  Hence, the decision to remove the lawn and replace it with garden:


This was what we had in June (above), and as it was just a few weeks ago:


But even in that short time, we have had yet another evolution, as the house got painted:

new color 09

The next project (down the line) is to replace the fiberglass awnings with retractable fabric ones that better match the color of the house.  But, that’s another project for another day.  There comes a time when all the evolving must pause, and we get to sit on the porch for a while.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!



3 thoughts on “Evolution

  1. What a beautiful transformation! So many positive changes. I love it!

    You posted some garden pictures last week. One of them (I think it was the first one) shows part of your neighbors’ house and yard. At first glance I thought, “Wait! That’s not how I picture their place!” To me, it looks like the house next door is how yours used to be. The current version is so much better!

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