Wednesdays In The Garden

The garden may be getting out of hand:


This is what happens when you don’t see a tiny little zucchini for several days.  We’re leaving this one to see how big it gets before fall.

For a slightly different perspective, this is the view from our next-door neighbor’s front yard:

side yardAnd just a few more for the day:


front tom

Happy Wednesday!


6 thoughts on “Wednesdays In The Garden

  1. Those danged zucchini! They really ought to sell individual seeds, since one plant produces all a household can eat.

    Your garden is an inspiration. We’ve really enjoyed ours this year. Just yesterday we dug the first of the potatoes! Still waiting for the corn, but it’s high and the ears are growing. So exciting!

  2. E–Congrats on the potatoes! We haven’t dug ours yet, but got 15 ears of corn off the ONE row we planted, and put them up in 2-cup batches in the freezer. They were sweet, summer perfection that we will enjoy in the winter! Hope yours turn out well, too.


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