I’ve never been much of a technophile; that is, having to have the newest and bestest gidget-gadget.  If it works, it doesn’t matter to me if it’s old or “out of date”.  On the other hand, I’m not afraid of technology, after all, I’ve been online since 1992–longer than many folks on this here Internet have been alive!

Still, in some ways, I guess I could be classified as a “Luddite”.  I only got a cell phone 2 years ago, and that was only because I was getting together with my college buds for our 50th BD Cronefest, and, well, trying to wrangle nine women from several different states is like, well, like herding cats.   I did manage to find a cheapo TrackFone for $14.95 and I put about $22.00 of time on the thing every 3 months.  Right now, I have over 500 minutes built up.  That’ll tell you how much I talk on the phone!  Plus, I simply can’t SEE cell phones well enough to make using them easy.  I am one of those odd people who take their glasses OFF to do close work, which completely rules out using the phone while in the car, unless I am the passenger or just answering it.

I still have a house phone, though I know that many people don’t.  My work requires that I access the internet via a “hard” line, not wireless, so my computer jack goes right into the wall.

Our stereo system is a little portable unit with detached speakers with a 5 CD changer.  Truly, our house isn’t big enough for a big sound system.  We’d blow our eardrums out, and we already “Huh?” each other enough as it is!

However, all that is about to change.  As of today, we are about to be the proud owners of an MP3 player and a docking station with speakers.  Oh my!  Can you stand it?  Yes, I do know how to rip and burn CDs, and the car has a stereo that will play CDs with MP3 files–even though it only plays 1 CD at a time.

I am excited.  The portable boom box that I bought for G many years ago just gave up the ghost and I like to have music when I do my yoga downstairs in the morning.  Now, I can do yoga, and she can take the docking station and take it outside later and play music while she’s in the hot tub, or while we’re working in the yard, or, or, or…you get the idea.

I know to most of you who might read this it’s terribly, TERRIBLY “quaint”, but hey, it’s a big deal to us.

One step at a time, right?  I’m even thinking of looking at cell phones for the 2 of us, and canceling all phone service except for the Internet.  If anyone has done such a thing and it worked (or didn’t) for you, I’d love to hear about it.




4 thoughts on “TechoBabble

  1. I’m so much the same way. Our computer plugs into the wall, we still have a land-line and we got cell phones after our son was born, so our baby-sitter could reach us quickly at work if needed. Our phones are “pay as you go” and neither of us text or take pictures with them. My husband would LOVE to have an iPhone, but when I ask him why, he can’t really give me a valid reason other than “they’re cool”. He’s had an iPod for a few years now, uses it all the time at work, but I just got mine. We have 2 docking stations, one in our bedroom and one that’s more portable. I absolutely LOVE it…best techie gadget ever, in my opinion!

  2. I still have a land line, in addition to our cell phones. And I wish my computer was hooked up via a hard wire connection. I’m not a fan of wireless. Too variable.

    We still play cd’s on an antiquated cd system. But, it has a good radio and we have a lot of cds, so why improve what is already working? T’s car has a cd player, mine has just a radio. What can I say; we get by.

    The way I look at it, early adopters get to work out all of the bugs and fine tune new technology. By the time I invest in it, everything works!

  3. Hahahhahahaa — that’s awesome!

    We haven’t had a home phone in ages. Everyone has a cell now — there just wasn’t a point.

    In fact, I find myself annoyed now when I call somewhere and have to “ask” for someone. Oh my! LOL

  4. We considered just using cell phones, because we use them quite a bit to talk between each other during the day, but the service is not so great in the house itself, so we kept the land line. If we can ever get cell phone service to work in the house we will consider only cell phones. I don’t know if I am a techie, but I really enjoy my iTouch and am considering an iPhone. I have had several different kinds of MP3 players (Rio500, Rio600, Rio Sport, iRiver, etc.), but when I bought AJ an Ipod for her birthday a few years ago, we were both hooked. And my Ipod shuffle works the best for me with exercising.

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