Another Whirlwind

G. got a new computer this week with a 1 TERABYTE hard drive and 8 Gigabytes of memory.  I am envious, as I cannot upgrade my computer because my work platform won’t work with Vista or Windows 7.  So, I am going to upgrade my memory, but it sure won’t be 8 gigs!  She also plugged in some random phone jack cord and we didn’t have our home phone service for 2 days, but since the DSL still worked and I could log on and work, we didn’t even notice it.  We are SUCH big phone talkers, not!

We are leaking vegetables out of the house!  Gave away 10 pounds of tomatoes to Peaches’ vet on Thursday–I know because I weighed the basket on the doggie scale!  We have about 4 times as many at home.

We are taking a friend who broke her ankle up to visit her daughter and granddaughter in Castle Rock this afternoon.  We WERE going to continue on to Denver so I could tackle the mile in the lake on Sunday, but my friend that we stay with is sick as a dog, so sure don’t want to put her out, and since G’s surgery is coming up, she can’t afford to be around sick people.  So we will drop off our friend, do some shopping at the outlet mall there, and then come home tonight, hang out tomorrow, and head back up to Denver for pre-op.  Then on the way back, we will pick up our friend AND her car and drive them both back to Pueblo!

Swimming continues at one of the high schools, so I’ll be back in the pool next week (I hope).  I will have to get up probably at 4:45 am to be there by 5:30, and it’s a drive back home to get to work by 7.  Pray for me!  I also need to figure out how to work my leg muscles (i.e. weights) without joining a gym or buying a BowFlex or similar.

My daughter and the boys start school on Monday.  WHERE did the summer go?  I’m still stunned by this faster than light season, which is normally not my favorite at all, but this has been really a great summer.

More musings on that subject later, I have to go eat some lunch and get ready to drive.

Have a great weekend!



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