Wait…It’s Thursday?

Earlier today, I was all cranked up to write a post about “health care” which I always put in quotation marks when I talk about what goes on in this country.  But right now, I am just too damn tired.

I have had my fill today of Indian doctors and residents who cannot speak UP or speak English.  There is nothing more frustrating than trying to decipher babble that you can neither hear NOR understand.  I could turn this into a rant on speaking English, and let me tell you, it is not only “furriners” who can’t speak the language.  I am SO TIRED of people who cannot string 2 words together to make a coherent verbal sentence.  These are supposed to be “health care professionals”!  Come on!  At least SOUND professional, can’t you?

Okay, that’s enough.  I am going to close down the browser, turn off the lights, go upstairs, grill a big juicy steak for us, steam a sweet potato, slice a fresh, ripe tomato and cucumber, and enjoy my dinner.  It also occurs to me that I haven’t written about FOOD in way too long!

I think a dip in the hot tub is in order later, too.  I probably won’t write about THAT though!  Use your I-magination.  It’s the thing you had before you got that pod thingie!




One thought on “Wait…It’s Thursday?

  1. Hey, I feel your pain on the health care front. Our experience lately is the turn over of doctor staff in the family practice clinic. I’d like a little continuity of care, but end up with a new doc every time we go in. Frustrating.

    I hope you enjoyed your dinner and hot tub!

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