Quick Updates (with update)

Back in the pool today, indoors, warm.  Like swimming in a bathtub; 25 laps in about 30 mins–35 laps for a mile, don’t really have the time in the morning, hope to get some evening swims in soon.

Off now to attorney’s office to discuss “the letter” from EBF.  No time to post a link.  Will post an update re:  outcome of this meeting.*

Everything else seems to be on an even keel.  Daughter hopefully started a work/study this week that will continue till May 2010.

Happy September everyone!

*updates as of this afternoon:  Attorney will draft a letter to EBF with a copy of the restraining order informing him that by contacting me he was in violation of said order and that if he wants to try to change the terms of the RO he will need to do so through an attorney of his own.  He will probably be highly pissed, but that’s life, I guess.

BTW, the pool was not exactly warm–it was almost exactly outside body temp, which means you can’t really feel much difference between the water and the outside air in the room.  However, when you start swimming, it feels almost hot.  I really do prefer the water cooler than that, but I’m sure I won’t complain in the dead of winter!



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