Wednesdays in the Garden

Late summer is a beautiful time here.  Things are sort of winding down veggie-wise, but it’s still warm and the butterflies are out!


VisitorThis is veronica–the little bell-shaped flowers are usually pretty full of bees:


Closer up:


Something that I haven’t posted before:


And one of my favorite things we planted that usually gets overshadowed by zinnias–plumbago:


And, yes, we still have tomatoes ripening–all of the below are volunteers, we actually planted none of them!



And finally, from the back left corner of the yard, looking forward towards the west–this is one of my favorite photos so far:

back side

Enjoy everyone!  See ya ’round the garden.


PS – G dug some potatoes and carrots last night for dinner—yum!


4 thoughts on “Wednesdays in the Garden

  1. Nulaanne, I have made fried green tomatoes and I love them, but I think they are even better on the grill–brush with olive oil and season them and just toss them on. Combined with other veggies, they make for a great addition!


  2. You garden is lovely! You inspired me to take a picture of yesterday’s harvest. Really it is a portrait of produce. I’ll post it on my blog this weekend. Nothing like as big as yours, but gratifying nonetheless.

    Like you two, we love sharing from our garden. 🙂

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