Tooth Day

Today, G took little Peaches to have her teeth cleaned.  She tries to do that at least once a year.  Sadly our vet (who is family) is having to close her practice due to the current financial picture.  She had recently moved into a new, state of the art facility, and it just overwhelmed her.  We are very sad about this as she is a wonderful vet and a good friend.  Hopefully, she will be able to go into another practice.  Time will tell.

Coincidentally, the GS’s went to the dentist yesterday and both need to have major work done.  Today, GS2 had THREE teeth pulled–one that was nothing but a cavity, and 2 that his mouth just does not have room for, even as baby teeth.  The dentist put in spacers and when his permanent teeth come in, she will start him in braces. Having worn braces from age 13 to 17, I can tell you that if I had to pick one single thing my parents did for me health wise, it was that.  I had too many teeth for my mouth and a horrible bite.  The dentist and orthodontist was able to correct all of that without surgery, other than having 5 teeth pulled.  I am eternally grateful.

However, poor GS2 was not feeling the appreciation today and after seeing what the dentist pulled out, I can see why.  One of his little “baby teeth” had roots that looked like a damn OCTOPUS!  That was one gnarly tooth and I can’t imagine how it would have ever got loose enough to come out on its own.  EGAD!  His poor little face was still all swollen up when we went to see him.  I told him he would be glad of it later, but I’m not sure he believed me.

I was careful not to confess my absolute loathing of dental visits, but I think we may try to find another pediatric dentist either here or in Colorado Springs.  Apparently a couple of dentists in that practice quit and the dentist was not very nice to GS2, especially since he had to have more shots to numb him.  The choice is very limited since they are on Medicaid but I will work my schedule around this if I have to.  Teeth are important and I want them to be fixed right.  I could not afford for J to have much work done on her teeth (though I did get her wisdom teeth out, which made a huge difference), but I can at least see that the boys get to someone who won’t belittle them for wanting to be numb during a tooth extraction.

Good grief!


2 thoughts on “Tooth Day

  1. Oy, braces!!!

    Walhydra lucked out in a way, because she only had to wear them for a few years…but it was during high school, so it enhanced the general I’m-ugly-in-my-black-plastic-framed-glasses look.

    Had to have all for wisdom teeth–plus the vampire fangs–taken out first.

    But it was sorta fun to watch the rubber bands shoot across the lunchroom table to hit friends in the face.


  2. Too funny! I also had the teeny, tiny rubber bands–as did 2 of my 3 siblings. My mother said she was vacuuming those things up for years. The did like to shoot off my braces, especially when I went to take a bite out of a sandwich!

    Ah, memories…


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