full moon morning

Woke up this morning around 3, then dozed back off till about 4:30.  By then I knew that it would be best just to get up, so I did.  As noted previously, I generally wander around in the dark when I get up and today was no different.  I showered, treated various itchy places with cortisone cream and an ice pack (I found out that if I slap an ice pack right on the bare, itchy skin, somehow it seems to disturb the “itch” signals from the nerves and the skin calms down after a few minutes; cheap remedy!)

I made coffee which for me is a lovely ritual.  We just bought a new coffee maker after our old one of several years gave up.  This one is all chrome and black, very sleek looking.  We also use a Britt@ water filtration system and keep the 2.5 gallon container on the counter.  I fill up the coffee pitcher with water.  Since we use the filtered water, it takes a little longer than a tap, as you can’t increase the flow.  The taste is worth it, though.  Then, the coffee goes in the filter.  We do use paper filters, but also compost the filter and the grounds, so I don’t feel bad about using them.  This coffee maker actually came with its own little water filter thingie that fits over the top of the basket once it’s in place, so when we finally get coffee, it’s double filtered.  Then I turned on the pot and went outside to see the moon.

Setting in the west, but still fairly high, it was a perfect early morning scene.  I am just reading a book that deals with the ancient Mayan civilizations in Mexico, and they saw a rabbit on the moon instead of “the man in the moon”.  As I looked up at the bright satellite, I could actually see the shadow of a little rabbit there–much more easily that I could see the face of a man.

Shortly, I went in for coffee and then decided to go ahead and have early breakfast–pecan-maple granola, plain yogurt and blackberries.  I took my bowl and a fresh cup of coffee out on the back porch.  Even after just a few minutes the sky was noticeably lighter.  I sat in the corner by the hot tub, where I could see the sky.  Aside from the faint swish of cars going by on the highway, all I could hear were the crickets and the calming sound of the water in our little fountain/pond.  The eastern sky was just beginning to get faintly pink, and in the west the colors were turning those opalescent shimmery shades that only happen at dawn and twilight.  The coffee was fresh, hot and delicious.  Breakfast was a delicious mixture of sweet, tangy and fruity, with the accent of pecans and the crunch of fresh granola.

I sat and soaked it in.  I could feel the energy of everything around me starting to stir.  It’s a magic time of day, the quiet before anything moves.  If you have never experienced it, I highly recommend it.  It’s a beautiful time to be appreciative of blessings and to offer thanks to who/whatever you offer those things to.  In the quiet of the early morning, I do believe prayers are more easily heard.

Have a great Saturday!


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