Glad To Be Home

We are back.  It’s 9 pm and I am brain dead.  This was overall just a horrible day and I am glad to be back in my own house.  I tried, tried, tried not to let the VA “system” get to me, but it did and I showed it, and I got agitated and G got agitated which she didn’t need on top of just getting out of surgery.  A long post about the whole hospital “adventure” will follow but for now I am just too bleeping tired.  And probably just too mad and frustrated to make much sense.

Bottom line:  I HATE HOSPITALS!  I’d like to say that it’s just the VA but it’s not.

On a completely different note, we actually ran into 2 people we knew today as we were trying to leave–a friend of G’s from down here, and my friend V’s boyfriend whose dad had taken a fall and was in the ER getting stitched.  How odd is that?  We never see anyone we know there other than staff.

Off to bed.  The morning and typing will come too soon (first watering, tho).

Sleepy GG


4 thoughts on “Glad To Be Home

  1. You’re home, that’s the main thing. Rest up, decompress in the garden, bring ice to G… everything will get better ~ including her knee!

  2. Welcome back! Hope you and G feel better soon.

    Ditto on hating hospitals, especially when someone I am close to is receiving treatment. I try counting and deep breathing but sometimes that doesn’t work. If I am lucky, I just end up yelling obscenities at my steering wheel, inside my car, with the windows rolled up. Sometimes I don’t make it that far.

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