Stumped, Stymied and Otherwise Blocked

I just looked at my calendars that I kept for the months of June, July and August.  All those blocks marked off with swimming, biking or walking.  I haven’t been in the water for over 2 weeks.  I feel like I gained 20 pounds last week, alternating between the hotel room and the hospital, although I did take a couple of long walks in different places.  I can’t seem to drag myself up out of bed at 4:45 am to go swimming twice a week, now that I have to drive 10 miles to the county high school in order to do it, and I can’t say that I would be better if I were swimming in the afternoons or evenings at a closer place.  I haven’t walked in weeks, and the bike?  Fuggedaboutit.  I haven’t even managed to get to the Zen sitting on Wednesday nights.

It’s even getting to be my favorite time of year, cooler throughout the day, except it’s so damn DARK in the mornings.  I am trying like HELL to get to bed a little earlier these days, but I want to do a few things besides work and sleep.

G is having a much harder time with this leg.  She feels a lot weaker overall, even though she is progressing with physical therapy.  This particular leg had more damage to it both from the accident and from dear ol’ first husband.  Plus, she can’t really push it till the staples are out, for which we, you guessed it, have to drive back to Denver, so once again, I won’t get but one day off.

I quit taking all my supplements for a couple of reasons: 1) I wanted to see if any of them were aggravating my periods and 2) I wanted to see if any of them were adding to my on and off (mostly on) systemic itching and eczema that I have been fighting for over a year.  I have been eating pretty well overall, though less protein and more grains, but lots of yogurt.

I can’t figure out what happened.  I was clicking along really well, and then all of a sudden I was derailed.  Maybe it was that period in July (none since, and I have a theory on that), and I know the shortening of the days has a lot to do with it.  I am sleeping pretty well.  I wake up before my alarm most days and feel rested.

Now I’m looking at loads of laundry on the floor, a messy kitchen upstairs, a big bag of squash to turn into a casserole,  still tons of veggies to pick and plants to pull if they’re done and today we just got a load of plants from a nursery in New Mexico that need to get in the ground this weekend.

Plus, I spent nearly half the day at the dentist’s office with both the GSes, trying to get their next round of dental work done.  GS2 is going to have to go under anesthesia.  He freaked out so bad it wasn’t funny.  They literally would have had to tie him down to give him the shots, and that’s just torture, plain and simple.  GS1 was braver, but still got weepy having 2 teeth pulled and a cavity filled.  He was a trooper though, and just held my hand the whole time.  At least maybe they will learn the value of taking care of their teeth!

But the whole day was just exhausting and G is in no shape to help, nor do I want her to.  I just want to get back to that wonderful routine that I managed to achieve this summer without knowing quite how I did it.  I want the exercise–I need it.  But now, getting back into it is going to be twice as hard.  Been there, done that.

Well, tomorrow is t’ai chi, and I AM going to that class come hell or high water.  Maybe I can figure out how to start working some of the other stuff back in to the schedule.

I’m open to suggestion…



4 thoughts on “Stumped, Stymied and Otherwise Blocked

  1. You’ve got a lot going on. Pat yourself on the back for keeping it all together!

    Definitely go to the tai chi class. It will feel great and you’ll be centered and energized afterwards. I know how you are feeling with the lack of exercise. When you are used to working out and you don’t get to, your body feels weird.

    You are taking care of those you love and while that is a wonderful thing to do, you also need to take care of yourself.

    Sending energy and hugs to you and yours!

  2. Thank you Michael and e. I do remember that post in general, but it will probably do me good to revisit it!

    e–you were absolutely right, t’ai chi was wonderful this morning and just what I needed!

    Now, back to work!


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