For the Equinox

Summer’s End

Lammas blood flows
Slow and thick;
Now the zenith’s reached,
And sun has peaked.
Beneath the sanguine
Season’s breeze
A hint of winter rustles
Its chilly notice.

My heart has shifted;
The summer king falls silent within,
Whispered messages are stilled
In anticipation of a colder clime.
Where shall my soul anchor
During this time of approaching squalls?
I call and no one answers,
Or, perhaps, I can no longer hear.

First leaves fall crisply to the ground,
Drifting upon autumn’s freshening breath.
In the first glimpse
Of this year’s death,
I wake.
Where have I been?
Adrift in Spirit’s vessel,
Alight with Heaven’s fire.

But now the wind has changed
And sent me back to know,
Sometimes when prayers are answered,
The answer’s clearly no.


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