Close Call

Yesterday, G had a really good physical therapy session in the morning.  She has made great progress, since this is her weaker leg, sustaining 50% nerve damage after her accident.  She even got out to the garage and got on the stationary bike (we just haven’t moved it into the house yet–project for me tomorrow).  She even came downstairs after the therapist left, surprising me, because she has NOT been cleared for these steps.  We have 11 steps down to the basement, with a metal pipe railing only on one side, with the other side being open.  The floor is concrete.  There is a door at the top of the steps that will close.

All good.

Then, around 3 p.m. she decided she needed to come BACK downstairs for something.  Bad move.  As near as she can remember, she thinks that she started to take the first step by going down with her good leg, thus taking all her weight on her newly-replaced knee.  As she did this, her hip buckled and the whole leg gave out.  Thank GOD she managed to fall backwards on to the kitchen floor, otherwise, I would probably be in another hospital right now.

I was doing a file, with head phones on and did not really know what she was trying to do until I heard the dreaded “thud” upstairs.  I have heard thuds before, usually immediately followed by “I’m OKAY!”  This one was not.  There were just muffled curses and moans of real pain.

Needless to say I flew upstairs and she was lying on the kitchen floor crying.  Now, neither one if us cries easily, and she almost never from pain.  She put a Phillips-head screwdriver through her finger a couple of years ago and that elicited many curses but no tears, so you get the idea.

I was frantic.  Tried to look at the leg, but how was I going to know if it was knocked loose or if the newly attached ligaments were ripped free?  I tried to comfort her but wasn’t sure if I should even try to move her.  She said her knee hurt when it happened but at the moment it was her back and hip.  Slowly, we scooted her to the living room floor.  Thankfully, she had gotten some pain meds at the postop appointment on Wednesday, so I immediately had her take 2 and got ice on the knee and heat underneath on her back and hip.  I covered her with blankets and got her bolstered with pillows and the leg elevated.

By then, having something to do, my heart had slowed down a little bit, but I felt very shaky and actually nauseated.  In my whole life, in all the crises I have faced, I have never felt like that afterwards.  And I never want to feel that way again.  The awful possibilities of what might have happened kept playing through my head over and over again.  Ugh.

Eventually, we got her to the bed, again with heat and ice, and I got her to eat something.  After the pain meds kicked in, she was better, but she was definitely in shock.  I got her tucked in bed early with a book and checked on her regularly, but I could tell that even though she was sore, things were probably okay.  What a relief.

At the end of the night, I got carefully into bed without jostling her knee, which she had propped up just right finally.  She was turned towards my side of the bed, and I turned out the light and turned to face her.  Our foreheads touched, and we twined our hands and fingers together.  I didn’t want to try to “cuddle” any more than that because I didn’t want to move her leg at all, but shortly, in the comfort of each others’ touch, we managed to fall asleep and actually rest.

Today, I got her to our miracle-worker chiropractor, and she is feeling much better.  She has PROMISED me that she will not go down these steps until she has been cleared by the therapist and I promised her that whatever it is that she wants from down her, I will be happy to bring her.

The thought of how quickly everything could have changed in our lives is still lingering.  Today I am so grateful.

Now I am going upstairs to make dinner for my beautiful wife.  I hope I will be able to do this for years and decades to come.

Go hug the ones you love right now!!!



6 thoughts on “Close Call

  1. It is a good thing you entitled this post “Close Call”. When I got to the part where G started going back downstairs I was thinking maybe I didn’t want to finish reading this blog entry right before going to bed. But then I looked back at the title and assumed it would be a somewhat happy ending. It certainly sounded painful, but thank goodness she is ok.

  2. That could have been really bad! I’m so glad she fell backwards instead of down the stairs.

    That nauseous feeling from the adrenaline, ugh. I sincerely hope you don’t ever feel it again.

    Thank goodness you have each other…

  3. OMG! I hear exactly what you are saying. When you get to a certain age those ‘little’ and not so little accidents can alter a life permanently. I am so glad to hear that she is going to be okay. I am late reading this so hopefully she is back to where she needs to be in the healing process.

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