Ups and Downs

The weekend started on a high note right after I finished work on Saturday (my “Friday”).  Got a call from Jen and Sara who were on the road from the Denver airport headed south.  They made good time and we shortly met up at the Shamrock for a great dinner and fun conversation.  They are a wonderful couple and we felt at home with them right away.  In fact, we may have to plan a trip to Seattle soon to go visit! 😉  Here they are in all their matching glory (Sara on the left and Jen on the right):

JenSarahAre they not just too cute?!  After they got back on the road headed south, we decided to have an early nightcap at a bar in town that we actually like. the Downtown Bar.  They play a lot of live music there; unfortunately on Saturday it didn’t start till 10 p.m.  Uh, no.  Guess we have passed the undrawn line of becoming “earlybirds” when it comes to going out.  Egad!

After a quiet evening, I got up early on Sunday and took Peaches for a long walk around the Riverwalk in downtown Pueblo.  She’s been pining for a good walk, since G can still only go fairly short distances, and it was so early, she was able to walk most of the way without a leash.  She sniffed and peed to her little doggy heart’s content.  Then we came home and I made breakfast.  It was promising to be one of those “Is is still summer?” days, warm and very windy, so we decided to get a few things done in the yard.  My task was to pull up the remaining tomato plants in the front garden:


The hardest part was getting the tomato cages out.  Finally I just had to prune off all the major branches, then tug the cages out of the way so I could then pull up the plant.  Despite being dead, they still hid a lot under their leaves:


We had started these particular plants in a kind of “experimental” starter than one of our favorite nurseries had given us.  They were white, cottony-looking squares, kind of “foamy” feeling.  We weren’t sure how they would do:

starter…but when I pulled up the plants, the root systems were amazing.  In all my years of growing tomatoes, I have NEVER seen roots like this on a plant:


I mean, that’s just crazy!

After everything was gone, the yard started to look a little bare:


Buy we still have the kale and chard and with a little watering on warm days, they should last through most of the winter and come back in spring:


It’s always great to have fresh greens in the winter–especially when even WalMart wants to charge nearly $3.00 for a bunch of fresh kale (maybe 4 stalks!).

Even though the leaves were falling and blowing and making their brisk marching noises on the street, a couple of areas weren’t sure what season it was:


The paprika yarrow to the right of the “Namaste” sign decided to bloom again.  And, yes, the birdhouse is from G’s last pair of Army boots.  Good use for it, I think!

We’ve closed up the fountain for the winter:


And the rest of the yard just seems to be putting itself to bed:




After we got a few more things done, we decided to just get out of town for a bit and take a drive.  We headed south to Walsenburg, then west to the tiny town of Gardner, which used to be a place where hippies loved to come and “drop out” in the 60s and 70s.  Finally, we headed to Westcliffe, and had a wonderful lunch at Pogue Malone’s Irish Pub, where they actually have Smithwick’s (pronounced “Smiddick’s) Irish beer on tap!  It is an amazingly beautiful place, the scenery is amazing, but I sure wouldn’t want to live there in the winter!  Although the photo below is not mine, there was actually some snow on the peaks yesterday, just not as much:


We took a leisurely drive home via a back country road, and ended up in Beaulah, which is known for being so laid back that even the deer don’t hurry:


Yesterday was lovely, but today when I woke up, G was hacking and coughing and had pretty much lost her voice.  She was complaining of tightness in her chest.  She had started coughing a bit a couple of days ago, but didn’t feel bad.  Today, she felt like a truck hit her.  So we trundled to the VA clinic in Pueblo where they took blood and did a throat swab.  She canceled her PT appointment for this afternoon, and I took the car in for an oil change and alignment.  As of right now, no word from the VA, which doesn’t surprise me.  I know, cultures take time to run, etc., etc., but there just seems to be a real lack of any kind of urgency at the VA, like everyone is “faking it” somehow.  I can’t really put my finger on it.  Maybe because it IS the government? Or maybe it’s my own dislike of doctors’ offices.  I don’t know.  I just know I don’t like going there because it just seems like the whole attitude is “Oh, it’s all in your head.”


We are still waiting for some kind of word.  We had thought of getting our son-in-law over today to finish some cement work he was doing for us while it was still warm, but I haven’t bought any more cement, and just didn’t feel like it.

So, I guess I’ll go up and check on G and finish the book I’m reading now, “The Thirteenth Tale”.  It is a wonderful book, eerie and mysterious, yet managing to make all the characters sympathetic.  I’ve got it on my “What I’m Reading” page, but I wanted to recommend it here.  If you do read it, I’d love to know what you think.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work for me, and we broke down and decided to re-start DirecTV, so we will be able to watch more HGTV reruns this winter!  But, we’re also getting Logo and I am looking forward to that!  That will also be hooked up tomorrow.

Okay, I’m starting to babble so off I go.

Hope you all have a good week!



3 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. It was a delight meeting both of you too and we look forward to a PNW visit soon! Sounds like you guys had fun adventures after we left too! Get well soon to G!

  2. Thank you, ladies, she is feeling better today–trying to stay warm as we get our first snow!

    So glad you are having fun in CO! Travel safe and stay warm…


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