Just A Few Bullets

  • We never did get to Denver.  Weather was messy on Sunday and I felt like shit.  Stayed in and watched movies:  Scent of a Woman, Sea of Love, Made of Honor, Seven Pounds, and parts of a few more.  Also Iron Chef America and Throw-Down with Bobby Flay.
  • Monday we got G to the VA in Pueblo.  FINALLY they did a chest x-ray and then an x-ray of her knee for her follow-up visit next Monday.  They also gave her an antibiotic that made her puke her guts out about 20 minutes after she took it.  This happened twice, so we know it was the medicine.  UGH.  Beware of doxycycline!
  • They’ve raised our line quota at work for “speech” which is supposed to be easier, but you haven’t lived until you’ve seen how voice recognition software reacts to someone with a very heavy Chinese accent.  Trust me, it’s no “labor-saving device”.
  • I was hard at it today, bound for 1600 lines, when I get a call from the school.  GS1’s teacher and special ed teacher are supposed to have a conference with his mom, who cannot be contacted.  Her phone is off because they can’t pay the bill.  They had to be a water heater this weekend and all of her work-study money went for that.  Fortunately, her landlord will definitely deduct that from the rent, but no cash is no cash.  On the up side, GS1 is doing pretty well overall, and I was able to catch up with daughter as I got out of the conference just as she came to pick up the boys from school.  I was able to give her the paper work and tell her to PLEASE go talk to his teacher.
  • GS1 still does not have some of his required school supplies.  I went to the dollar store and found them.  Cheap.  I will run them by the school tomorrow.
  • I used to think I wanted to be a teacher and I have always ended up in some kind of training position in the majority of my jobs.  But there’s no way I could deal with all the administrative crap that teachers have to put up with.  God bless them all.
  • We are dog sitting again.  A friend’s brother passed away and she headed back east this morning, since we are due for a winter storm tomorrow and she wanted to get out ahead of it.  This dog is quiet, older and our little prima dona accepts her pretty well.
  • Been working out with the hand weights more regularly.  Keeping your arms above your heart when you work out really increases your effort.  So do the weights.
  • Cannot WAIT for daylight savings time to end.  THEN it will be lighter in the mornings and maybe I’ll pull out of this “blue funk” I seem to have been in for way too long.
  • Bought some great art at the fund-raiser for our artist friend–some of her older work and even a piece that she used in her portfolio to get into art school.  It was fun.
  • I am going to watch NCIS, Dancing With The Stars, and then I am going to sit in the hot tub and after that go to bed.
  • Tomorrow, it starts all over again!

As a friend of mine once said, “Life’s great if you don’t weaken.”

Stay strong!



4 thoughts on “Just A Few Bullets

  1. “It’s a great life if you don’t weaken” ~ I haven’t heard that for a while, but I’m totally feeling it! I’m looking forward to the end of daylight savings, too. Been trying to stave off the “blue funk” and I know some early morning sun will help… of course, in the PNW that depends of the weather.

  2. Oh, that’s a mild list. I’m a movie freak and would happily spend most of my free time just being cinematically overstimulated!

    One day….LOL


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