So Far, So Good

I’m actually off to a decent start.  I love this about writing:  You have an idea, which seems to be pretty straightforward.  You start to write.  THINGS happen.  PEOPLE happen.  They do more things–all by themselves.  Seriously.  They DO things, you just write it down.

Imaginary friends, gotta love ’em.

G had her 6-week check up today in Denver.  We saw a 4th year medical student.  Gotta love teaching hospitals.  However, he was very attentive and answered all our questions, so maybe that was a good thing.  I’ve reached that age where many doctors are now young enough to be my children.  THAT is scary.  Guess I’ll just continue to stay away from doctors.  😉

We got out of Denver and stopped at REI in Colorado Springs because G wanted to buy one of those things for her bike that you set the back wheel in and turn the bike into a training machine.  REI didn’t have one–well, they DID but it was in a box and the woman really didn’t seem all that keen to show us how it worked.  She TOLD us how it worked, but I couldn’t quite visualize it.  So, we passed.  I did find an ExOfficio shirt and a pair of shorts that I can wear on our trip to Australia next spring (more on that later).  Men’s sizes, of course, but WTF, men’s clothes are better made than women’s anyway, sad to say, but true.  The sales girl was such a ditz, I mean a total space case, I was just in a rotten mood when we left, so instead of our usual going to lunch, etc, I just wanted to come HOME.  Then, we went to a local bike shop near our house and got INCREDIBLE service and lots of advice and came home with TWO bike-holder-thingies, so now our living room has become a bike gym.  In fact, I’m signing off now and going upstairs to ride my bike while I watch Dancing With The Stars.

Maybe I’ll start my own cable show–Biking With The Grannies!  I think it has a nice ring to it, myself.

Pedal to the metal…



4 thoughts on “So Far, So Good

  1. for the record…my hat is off to you for writing the novel. It will be fun – and good for you for pursuing something that seemed interesting!
    Have I said thanks for being someone who reads our blog and comments on fb? I just want you to know I appreciate it.

    Happy writing!

  2. Good luck on your Novel Challenge. …

    But , umm, what, snuck that little “Trip To Australia” there didn’t you, when will we hear more about this, LOL

  3. I like that ‘Biking With The Grannies’ idea! Every week you could go and set up in someone else’s living room. LOL

    Austraila! Nice. Was this the grand prize for being the longest subscriber to the Jelly Of The Month Club? Bahahahaha just kidding. Can’t wait to hear the details.

  4. Right on for you, GG! My daughter is also participating. Good for both of you.

    And, working in a teaching hospital, I know exactly what you mean. The children I see coming through here… bunch a Doogie Howsers!

    Congrats on the bike gym ~ I think T and I should be doing that… but I prefer So You Think You Can Dance… 🙂

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