Gifts of Love

I’ve mentioned our Friday night “dinner group” a few times.  G and I haven’t been going quite as often as before, what with surgery, rehab, being out of town, etc.  However, this month 4 of our members all have their birthdays within a day or two of each other, November 26 or 27.  And even more special, 2 of them will by 75 fabulous years young, and the other 2 will be 74.  I think that is amazing!  They are all 4 still incredibly vital and attractive woman, and one was instrumental in advancing the cause of women’s college basketball both in the state of Colorado and nationally.  So, this is a big deal.

Two of our other members are hosting a potluck/party in their honor on the 21st.  They have a fabulous “party house” complete with an indoor pool and karoke set up.  They are what you would call “sport dykes” as they have every sporting “toy” known to man (or woman) and use all of them frequently and happily.

Gifts of course are not mandatory at this function, but G and I wanted to do something to show these ladies how wonderful we think they are.  They are fortunately at places in their lives where they don’t really need a lot of THINGS, so my sweet G came up with what I think is one of the best ideas ever:  We are going to Heifer International and we are going to buy a flock of chickens and several shares of trees to be sent in honor of our friends.  I don’t know about you, but I think knowing that someone had received chickens to lay eggs for their family or trees that produce fruit, etc. in my name, well, I would be thrilled.  I hope they will be, too.

G often talks about how she can’t think of good gifts for people.  I think this time she has really proved herself wrong in that regard.

Heifer International is a great organization that really helps people become self-sufficient and less dependent on foreign aid.  If you ever need to send a gift but don’t want to clutter up the world with more “things”, this is a great option.

Pass it on!



4 thoughts on “Gifts of Love

  1. Heifer Intl. is a great organization and that is a great gift idea! Kudos to you! I’m sure your friends will be surprised and pleased by such a wonderful gift. Have a fun night!

  2. In my opinion, the best gifts are either gift certificates or things like you mentioned. I am old enough now to pretty much have all that I need, so this kind of gift is a fantastic idea.

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