Wiped (with update)

Saturdays wipe me out.  I finally just reached my daily line count (a bit over), but will still probably need to work for a little while tomorrow to make the weekly count.  The boys were over last night, because it was step-dad’s birthday, so nothing got written on the Great American Novel (GAN), and we are going to a potluck tonight so nothing will get written tonight.  I have much to catch up on tomorrow and Monday.  Plus I still haven’t gotten my flat tire fixed.  On my bike.  Did I even write about that?  Well, I have a flat on my bike and I need to get it fixed.

Last night was good.  The boys are getting older and don’t have to be watched 24/7.  GS2, who never wanted to go into the basement by himself, asked if he could play on the computer down there.  G’s old computer is now set up for them with games, etc.

G brought home a beautiful pork loin roast and I cooked it slowly in the oven, basting often.  GS2 (who is a very picky eater), nevertheless LOVES to help do stuff in the kitchen.  He helped me peel carrots for steaming, and when I took the roast out to slice it and put gravy on it (yes, I made gravy), he said, “Gramma that looks DELICIOUS!  I think I could eat that whole thing!”  This from a 7 year old!  I steamed broccoli and carrots, made mashed potatoes and sliced the roast, and it was so warm, we ate outside on the back patio, since the living room is still full of bicycles.  Afterwards, G washed up and I put the food away and then the boys and I played Monopoly.  They LOVE Monopoly.  I got our game at the ARC thrift store for $1.00.  All pieces included.

Then we wanted to have a fire, so off we went to the fire pit.  I am SO happy we closed off that little area behind the garage.  It’s just a great little private space.  We got our drums and rattles and the boys were happy to make music as the fire lit up the night.  I could tell GS2 was about to nod off, but he kept up a surprisingly good rhythm with his drum.  (I believe he is 1/6 Comanche through his bio father). He seemed to really be into the drumming and watching the fire.  It started to get a little cooler and I asked GS2 if he wanted a bath (he loves being in the water) and he said yes, so we closed the fire, and get the boys their baths and I laid out their pallets in the living room.  GS2 was asleep by the time his head hit the pillow, but GS1 remembered we had mentioned “popcorn, mabye” so he wanted some.  We flipped around and found a movie to watch, and he ate his popcorn and pretty soon he was in dreamland, too.

I had planned to get up early and work before they woke up, but I just couldn’t.  I was too pooped, so I got up normally and had JUST signed in for work when down trooped the boys wanting breakfast.  I had promised GS1 an omelette, so had to make good on that.  Again, GS2 had to help me with every little thing in the kitchen, and I had to explain why I crack each egg separately in a little cup first.  He’s just the most curious kid.

After breakfast, I did get to work and G took the boys outside to help her with projects.  She took them home and I think they were going to go fishing.

I had a brief, frustrating conversation with my daughter, who was “done” with her husband for the Xth time.  I guess “some bitch” is texting him, or what ever.  I just do not have time or energy for that kind of drama.  I don’t know if that makes me a bad mother, but then I’ve never thought I was a particularly GOOD mother, so what else is new?

I just couldn’t talk to her about it.  She knew this guy for years before they got married.  She knew he was a cheater because he cheated WITH her.  Granted, he wasn’t married, but still.  I want to feel bad for her, but my perspective is, your eyes were open, you can’t pretend to be outraged, and people don’t change just because they get married.  They just find sneakier ways of doing what they always did.

Anyway, I’m sure it was not as bad as she made it seems because I am where she vents.  Time will tell.  I can’t worry about it because it’s not my life (THANK GOD).

So, now I have to go get ready for this potluck that I don’t really want to go to, and I DON’T feel like cooking, so I think I am going to go by a lemon pie from a local restaurant and call it good.

Mas tarde,


*G just came downstairs (she can do that now), and since I am cross-eyed tired, and she is hurting like a bitch, we called and begged off the pot luck.  I think our hosts were disappointed, but I am just too tired to be a good guest.  Maybe a dip in the hot tub later.  Now…the weekend begins!


5 thoughts on “Wiped (with update)

  1. Perhaps as your grandson spends more time preparing food, he’ll become less picky. I think it’s great that you let him help you out in the kitchen. Learning to cook is such an important skill that gets lost on so many people!

    I also don’t think you’re a “bad mother” at all for being tired of your daughter’s drama regarding her husband. It’s clear that you care about her, but listening to someone complain about the same thing over and over again without doing anything to change it is one of the most tedious things any relationship can endure. Your commiserations would only add fuel to her fire. Your silence gives her something think about.

  2. EM, I hope that he will become more adventurous in his eating, especially if he hangs with us. His brother, on the other hand, will try anything. I had some roasted garlic on a saucer from the roast and even though he didn’t really know what it was, he wanted some. Then his eyes lit up after he tasted it! It is fun to help educate someone’s palate.

    “Your silence gives her something to think about.” We can only hope, right! Thanks for your wise words!


  3. I don’t know how you blog AND transcribe AND write novels all at once.

    Hope things work out for your daughter… try not to hold “convicted” cheaters to harshly in your mind… sometimes we have good reason. 😉

  4. @Tina–I type fast and think faster ;-). Plus, I don’t have kids at home and I don’t commute–huge difference. I am not judging my sil, the comment was just to help her understand that she has seen his behavior and unless HE makes the decision to change it, nothing will be different. I, too, have had my “reasons”, but now the thought wouldn’t enter my mind, nor yours, I’m sure!

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