Pueblo Joins In

Did you know that Pueblo has its own college?  Yes, it’s true.  In addition to the well-respected two-year Pueblo Community College PCC), there is also a 4-year college here, University of Colorado-Pueblo (UCP).  The local PBS station has its offices and broadcasting facilities there, and on Wednesday, the college will join in the same-sex marriage debate with these two fellows going head-to-head on the issue.

G and I are definitely going and I am really looking forward to it.  Hopefully, I will be able to report back with optimism.

In other news daughter and SIL just showed up to hopefully finish some cement work that he had started a while back.  We ran out of cement, then the weather got nasty, but we’ve had a spell of warmer days and yesterday we hauled in 10 more bags of cement, so with luck they can finish today.

I also want to get my bike fixed so I can pedal to Dancing With The Stars, then I have to do the next installment on the GAN.  It went well yesterday, nearly 4000 words at a pop.  Plus we hope to get some kind of a walk in since the weather is nice.  In the mean time, I am doing laundry, wheee.

I tried to update the photos on the blog in Flikr, but I don’t like how they are ordered, so I will have to go play with that now.

Hope everyone has a happy Monday.



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