Okay, it’s official.  I’m tired.  Was going great guns today, and then had to stop and take G to her PT session because she didn’t feel safe driving.  I don’t mind, but I ended up getting a 30-minute file right as I was only lines from the finish when I got back.  However, I’ll take the extra 300 lines, for sure.

So, it’s time for a few pictures.  Here are the much-discussed bike trainers:


And here are the bikes:


In fact, I shall be riding the front one of those in just a few minutes.  Need to work out the kinks of sitting all day.

This morning, I got out side a little after 6 a.m. and got some great morning shots:


Such a beautiful time of day, and so ethereal.  If you blink (or snooze) you miss it completely!  Our little cherry tree turned so pretty this year:


And the last few leaves on the peach tree just glowed:


Finally, here is the result of some of our SIL’s work.  This patch of yard on the north side of the house gets virtually no sun, and has been a struggle to figure out what to do with.  Now, we can plant some shade-loving ground cover to wind amongst the flagstones:


The low plants at the top left of the stones are our strawberries.  We hope they will extend down into that bare patch on the left.  Directly left, we have planted 2 thornless blackberry bushes, so we are hoping for a BERRY good summer next year! 😉

And on that note, I feel some nachos calling me, then a bike tour while I watch NCIS.




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