Cross-Eyed Crazy

It’s 10:30 p.m and Steve McDonald is playing on the headphonesI don’t usually write to music, but for some reason, I can put him on and my brain just takes off in totally new and different directions.  Maybe it’s the drums and bagpipes 😉

The party last night was great. Our hosts made “boob cakes” for the 4 celebrants and they each got piles of cards.  One of the gang does fabulous scroll saw work and she had made these beautiful single-rose vase holders and each one had a different color rose.  Everyone brought great food and the karoke was great.  And of course, the requisite conga line.

I spent most of today writing, and it paid off, passing 30,000 words.  If I can crank out as much tomorrow, I’ll be nearly caught up.  Can’t believe Thanksgiving is nearly here.  G. has THREE (3) appointments tomorrow and I have to drop off a thank you gift card to my former boss for his help with my little problem of my daughter’s ex.  He wrote a great letter and I haven’t heard anything since.

G feels more comfortable driving, so I think I will see if she’s good with going to at least the first 2 appointments tomorrow so I can stay here and put out the words.  Tuesday will probably be shot with the digging in the back yard, so I’m trying to plan ahead.  We’ll be doing TG with our friend MJ and her son and whoever else she has invited.  I’m to make a green bean casserole, but it’s going to be a different from the “standard” as G is not fond of that one.  She’s going to make pies.  And I might make a sweet potato cheesecake with maple whipped cream.  If you ask nicely, that is.

So for now, I am going to uncross my eyes, leave the Scotsmen to their fields of wild mountain thyme, and go upstairs and have a shot of bourbon.

And to bed.



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