Perhaps a New Tradition

Today was Pueblo’s Parade of Lights.  It’s always on the Saturday after TG, and runs through the “historic district” starting at the library, and ending up downtown.  They start and end with fireworks, the high schools and dance schools and low rider associations and bikers and ROTC and police and various other groups all participate.  Normally, I don’t go for parades but this year, G and I decided that this would be a good way of getting together with my daughter, her husband and all 4 kids.  They have filed papers to take custody of his 2 kids who were living with their mother, but said mother has moved yet again (or been evicted), and his daughter (age 10) was on the verge of being enrolled in the 4th or 5th school this year, so dad decided to step up  Well, good for him I say.  Anyway, I decided that it would be a good family get-together, and G agreed.  We decided to take them all to dinner at the Gold Dust Saloon, which is one of those places where you can throw the peanut shells on the floor, which the kids love.  They have great burgers, sloppers, etc. and it’s right on the parade route.  I made reservations for 8 for today.

We had a blast!  The kids all get along really well, and we had a table towards the back near the bathroom, which is always good with kids.  The wait staff was a little iffy at first, but luckily they have peanuts and popcorn, so we had enough of those for the table, and then we finally got drinks and I ordered a big bowl of chili-cheese fries that I divvied out to everyone so it was a perfect appetizer. GS1 has become a bottomless pit at age 9, and so keeping him in food is quite a chore.  I had also helped my daughter get a load of new clothes for them at a 2nd-hand store that was open in the mall.  She went yesterday (Friday) and since her husband works in the mall’s maintenance department, she got an extra 15% off the already discounted prices.  She got shoes, jackets and great clothes for all 4 of them and it was only $125.00.  One thing I will say about my daughter, she can shop!  All the kids were wearing their new duds and were quite happy about it.

So after we ate, everyone was starting to move out to the street for the parade.  We ordered hot chocolate for the kids and out we went.  We found a great space across the street from the restaurant and took up residence.  Shortly after, the opening fireworks went off and down the hill came the parade.  We waved and yelled and the kids saw people they knew.  They drank their hot chocolate and hugged on us to stay warm. It was chilly out but not freezing.  There wasn’t a cross word said by any of the kids, which is just amazing when you think about it, but all 4 of them seem to get along really well and like each other.  My hat is off to both my daughter and hubby A for taking this on.

The only down side was that my daughter developed a killer headache, which she has been doing more and more lately.  I think it’s mainly stress and tension, and she also has an eye doc appt on Wednesday.  I hope, that if she does need glasses, she will wear them.

We managed to get through the parade, and get back to our cars.  It was just a really fun night and actually the first time we had all gone out together.  I had such a good time I’d consider doing this every year.  The kids are at that great age where they want to do things with you and they still think we grammas are pretty cool.

It was a great way to end up a wonderful TG weekend.  Tomorrow I am off, and with luck, I will finish my NANOWRIMO novel (or at least get to 50,000 words), and then I really will feel as if I have accomplished something this month!!

On to December!



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