Cheap Transformation

Not loading work at the moment, so I am escaping into blog-ism.  I think I mentioned in an earlier post that my daughter and her husband are now trying to get the majority custody of his 2 kids (girl 10 and boy 4).  They have filed papers in the court.  I’m not sure where this is going to end up, but either way, she is in need of some more kids’ furniture, etc. for the rooms.

A couple of weeks ago, G and I hit a used furniture store and did well–we got 3 dressers and a very nice toy or other storage chest for just over $100.00.  Well built and 2 of the dressers were from a set with dainty drawer pulls, etc. The 3rd dresser was sturdy, but painted or stained in some weird brownish color with maybe some kind of dry-brushing effect.  Whatever, it looked bad.  We showed the kids and I told them we were going to repaint that dresser.  GS1 immediately asked for it to be orange and blue (Bronco colors).  So, in the last week or so (before it got as darned cold as it is, thankfully), we undertook to transform a dresser.  I felt like I was on HGTv!  Below is the process:

I didn’t get a photo of the thing upright before we started, but this should give you the general idea:

See? Just weird and streaky.  Ugly.  But the coverage was decent, so we just gave it an overall sanding and a bit of priming:

When we set the thing on the sawhorses, we heard some rattling, so G had to see what it was and of course, the “fixer” went to work:

She’s just never happier than this!

After that little job was done, it was time to paint!

The blue went on easy, but the orange required more coats than I had thought:

Even though it was pretty frosty in the mornings while we worked on this, the days warmed up enough so that we could leave the main dresser outside till all the coats were on.  The orange got 4 coats all together, but the finished product is worth it:

The “streaks” above are reflection from the mirror behind the dresser.

I’ve got a few Bronco stickers and decals to add on and then we’ll have to round up a truck to get it over to their house and hopefully, the boys well be enjoying this dresser for a long time to come!  Not bad for a used piece of furniture and a couple of quarts of paint!

Happy Saturday!



3 thoughts on “Cheap Transformation

  1. You two did a great job! My sweety has refinished quite a few garage sale/thrift store pieces for our home and being the cheapo that I am, this makes me very happy!

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