Brief Break

I have to stop typing for a while, other than just what is necessary for work. My right shoulder, arm and neck up to my jaw are killing me all of the time; it’s like a toothache in my arm.  So, blogging will probably wait till some time next week or maybe after Christmas.  We’ll see.

G and I are going to Denver on Sunday to stay overnight, since she has 2 VA appointments on Monday.  She’s house/cat sitting for some friends who always take a FL vacation at this time of year, and their cat is too old to travel and can’t be left alone at night.  Please don’t get me started on cats; I am probably the only cat-hating lesbian on earth! (I’m also allergic, so I have a valid reason.)

Regardless, while we are both enjoying a little time apart, the season itself makes it awkward, especially since I have to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas day (hospitals never close, you know).  We barely even put up a tree this year.  I will be so happy when the Solstice turns and the light comes back.  This has been a really tough fall season in many ways.

So, the little 24 hour “getaway” will be nice, even if part of it will be spent at medical appointments.  Maybe I’ll get a photo of her totally cute dentist!

I am also going to try to work in a chiropractic visit for myself, as well as numerous dips in the hot tub.

Ya’ll have a very merry HallowThanksSolMasKwanakkah!  How’s that for covering the bases?




4 thoughts on “Brief Break

  1. I feel your pain…at least as regards the cat allergy. All the more ironic that I have over twenty of the little poo factories out in my yard. Have a happy break and hope your pain goes away soon.

  2. I recommend a massage… or several massages. Make sure the massage therapist pays attention to the knots under your scapulae. As someone who sits at a keyboard all day, I know what you are feeling! And, yes, get in the hot tub!

    Happy whatever you celebrate! : – )

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