I woke up raring to go this morning.  Really.  G took me out to dinner last night and I had a BIG margarita with Don Patron tequila (the good stuff), and I just said it does not matter.  Stuff like this has happened before.  I have ALWAYS had enough and been fine.  There is no reason that the same will not continue going forward. I am not going to keep myself out of the stream of all good things just because some idiots in India make an arbitrary decision about people they don’t even know.  Their loss, not mine.

So, good things today: 1. I got my new passport photo and renewal form sent off.  I can’t believe my 3rd passport expires in 2 weeks!  G and I are planning a trip to Australia in May, so wanted to get a jump on my new one.  The photo makes me look like a deer in the headlights, but who loves their passport photo anyway? 2. Work was on and off today, but I was here (except for going to the p.o. re: #1, and now I’m back making up the time.  However, the work wasn’t.  Not my fault.  3.  Updated the resume a little bit.  I’m trying to get the “meat” of it to 1 page and doing pretty well. 4. We are having a fire ceremony tonight to welcome the new year, celebrate the blue moon and release all the crap from the last year.  I’m releasing my siblings, my daughter, my work, and anyone who prefers to focus more on the negative than the positive.  I’m working on ME in 2010 (a “3” year–which is my number, so it’s got to be good, right?). 5. Tamales.  A new Mexican place opened up just down the street and they sell fresh tamales.  We bought 2 dozen today.  Oh, yeah. 6. Contacts.  Sent an IM to a former supervisor who left my current company to go to another company along with HER supervisor and about 7 other of that team maybe 8 months ago.  She was kind enough to give me the email of the person at that company to contact about possibly testing for a job there.  See?  Looking up already!  7. Found a  position with a local hospital here that I could do given my medical/insurance background.  I’ll be sending an application.  Yes, it would be leaving home to work, but would also be M-F with weekends off and probably a salary, so we’ll see.  Might force me to ride my bike more, too.

My job this coming year is to get myself in the vortex and become a cooperative component.  Life really is a lot easier and a lot more fun when you go with the flow instead of paddling against the current, even though they give you lots of awards for the struggle ;-).  I don’t want awards, I want and abundant life, which is re-ward enough, right?

I wish you all a wonderful new year full of fun, abundance, energy and joy.  Remember to focus on what you WANT rather than what IS and things will get better soon.  I promise to take my own advice on this, too.

Be well,



3 thoughts on “Better

  1. When Walhydra and Nikki, Husband 3#, were bumming round Nikki’s homeland, the Isle of Wight, Walhydra met a marvelous, ancient virgo called Molly, a longtime friend of Nikki’s.

    Nikki was rattling on about the horrible state of the world (this was during the Iranian Hostage Crisis) and how we were all headed for total destruction.

    Molly eyed him and said: “Tooootal destruuuuction! EEEE HEEEEHEEEEHEEEEHEEEE HEEE!!!”

    In other words, “Don’t be silly.”

    I still use Molly’s tagline–which she usually repeated after telling some outrageous story about turning lemons into lemonade: “Ain’t life a hoot?”

    Happy New Year…and many more.


    Bright Crow

  2. Things are neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so… so said Will Shakespeare.

    Keep your positive outlook. That will serve you well.


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