This Year’s Garden Project

It’s official:

Sweet potatoes. We tried them one year; got perfectly lovely plants but no “sweets”.  I feel sweet-potato challenged and I plan to make up for it this year.  The garden has been alerted.  All sweet potato devas are on board!

Today was perfectly fine.  I woke up at 3 a.m., done sleeping, thank you.  My feet got cold and it was all over from there.  I read a book, played a computer game, made some coffee, read some more.  In fact, most of the day was spent either on the couch with a book or simply lolling.  We did go to L0we’s and buy some compost to put in the front garden, and G found a propane heater for the garage since her home made wood-burning stove that came with the house finally gave up last year.  And we got some onion sets.

Yes, the gardening bug has already bit.  We will be starting tomato seeds soon; I just have to pick the heirloom variety I want this year.  I’m thinking something beef-steak-y and red-yellow like “Old Flame”:

I’m already craving them on home made bread.

This winter is one of the first times I’ve actually been really COLD.  Maybe it’s the hormones settling but I seem to be chilly all the time now.  I had a few of what could be classified as hot flashes this year, but really not “hot” just more of a feeling of being suddenly suffused by warmth that sort of started in my mid-section and spread outward from there–kind of how you feel when you’re publicly embarrassed, only without having to do anything stupid.  However, I haven’t had any of those in quite a while.  So, apparently, I am on the downhill slope heading into “old”.  Oh, well, like everything else in my life, it will be an adventure.  After all, I’ve never been old before!

Now off to add some music to the MP3 for G.  I have some things to do tomorrow, so lolling is over.


(who actually did do 300 lines per hour for the first 4 hours of work


2 thoughts on “This Year’s Garden Project

  1. What?! You got onion sets already??? Wow.

    I haven’t tried sweet potatoes, may give that a shot this year. We were inundated with tomatoes last summer, and considering the fact that we don’t eat them, it was lots and lots to give away. I’m hoping to start some peas, spinach and lettuces soon, though!

    Yay for gardening!

  2. With this frigid weather we have been having here I would appreciate a good hot flash, but unfortunately I only seem to be able to get them in the summer.

    Good luck with the sweet potatoes! I love eating them but I don’t have time to grow them.

    And congrats on the 300 lines!

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