Occasionally, I get flashes.  Not hot flashes, discussed briefly in the last post, but precognitive flashes.  These are not frequent enough to be worrying, but they are accurate enough to pay attention to.  A few examples:

In 1992, some friends of mine and I set up a bulletin board (BBS) on Prodigy and got online for the first time.  Raise your hand if you remember Prodigy.  This BBS was in the science fiction section of some larger category and it was open to the public so anyone could read it and make comments if they wanted to. Usually, it was just us, but every now and then someone new would pop in and add their comments to the mix.

One day, there was a note from some guy none of us knew.  He said he lived in Pueblo, CO and what the heck was AFAN, anyway.  AFAN is the name that my group of friends and I call ourselves.  More on that another time–maybe.

As soon as I read the message from this guy, I had a flash, clear as a bell, in side my head.  “You’re going to move to Colorado and marry him.” I pushed that thought right out of my head, but about 2 years later, I was living in Colorado, married to him.

Flash forward a few years.  My friend D and I are headed toward Cottonwood Hot Springs to enjoy the pleasure of soaking in pools of various temperatures of hot water for the day.  We are in my old, but reliable, T-bird, cruising along.  As we drive into the parking area, I have a flash that when we get ready to leave, the car will not start.  This does not make me happy, and I refuse to think about it further, as the car has given me no trouble–ever.  Later that afternoon, we pack up and get ready to go.  The car won’t start.  Luckily, we get a jump start and I take the most direct route back to her house (we were a good 75 miles from home), and get her there, but after that, the car is dead and won’t start again.  Only a dead battery, but still.

A few years later, my daughter walked into the house one afternoon with her latest “crush”.  Her behavior was typical, not paying any attention to me and I was busy with something in the front room and barely noticed her coming in.  However, after she went around the corner to her room, I suddenly came up like a dog on point.  I knew that afternoon, she was going to tell me she was pregnant.  Sure enough…

During my time at the law office, I noticed an odd phenomenon:  Weeks or months would go by and we wouldn’t hear from certain clients.  In some cases, that was good; in others, not so.  Invariably, when I would think about one of those clients during the day, before I went home that afternoon, they would have called, usually with new business or just to say hello.  Additionally, sometimes I would think of them in the context of a particular type of case or situation and these would be the kinds of things they would mention.

Except for the law office, where this happened perhaps on an every-other-week basis, these “flashes” are few and far between.  However, I am learning to pay attention to them.  Perhaps they are simply the unconscious synthesis of various “cues” that we pick up nonverbally from the atmosphere around us.  According to Dr. Phil, only 7% of actual communication is verbal, and I tend to believe that.  We assimilate much more from our environment than we realize, and who’s to say if those electrical currents within our brains that we call thoughts stay inside our skulls or travel elsewhere on invisible circuitry?  It bears thinking about.

What about you? Do you get flashes?  Do you pay attention?  I’d love to hear about it!



5 thoughts on “Flashes

  1. I do get them. One that was verified….I had a dream that I was in the emergency room of a local hospital. I was looking for my son (he was two at the time) and as I went down a hall I could hear people talking but, I didn’t see anyone. Finally I was in a room with my son. He had what looked like a gash in his head but he said it didn’t hurt. As I looked at it, it opened up like a crater splitting. Blood was pouring everywhere. Next scene I was in what looked like the hospital chapel…there were crosses and small figurines everywhere. I went to touch the cross when something flew by me. I followed it and it took me down some stairs to I what I thought was a basement. As I got close to the object I saw it was a tiny white horse with purple wings. About the time I reached out to grab it, I woke up. I wrote the whole dream down even though I was late taking my husband to work. It was full of symbolism. And the emotions it evoked throughout the dream were what I remember the most. It is hard to write those down at the moment but, nothing was taken literally by me even in the dream.
    That same afternoon, my son was bit over the eyebrow by our Chow. I found myself in the emergency room of St. Joseph’s Hospital and as I sat in the waiting room, the first Gulf War began unfolding on the television screen.

  2. In May of 2008, I had a little `vision.`I write all my dreams and things in my journal – but this one was weird. There was a guy lying face down on the ground. In the vision he had longish blonde hair. There were all kinds of people around him and someone said “he`s not breathing`- and then it stopped. In August of that year, my brother was electrocuted at his workplace, and his heart stopped. The safety team (that he trained) did CPR until the ambulance arrived. He was unconscious for two days, and made a miraculous recovery. He fell face-first onto the shop floor – just as I had seen. The only difference is that he`s a redhead.

    I have dreams and flashes all the time. I`ve learned to pay attention and write things down, because sometimes things that make no sense when you pick them up have a lot of meaning later on.

  3. I do get flashes and I do pay attention to them. And sometimes I hear things that are… inexplicable. One time I heard my grandmother’s voice calling my name and later that day she called me.

    You might enjoy reading a book called, “Extraordinary Knowing” by Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer. She examines all sorts of unlikely communication, and from the perspective of a scientist.

    Did you have a flash recently?

  4. e–thanks for the book recommendation, I will check it out. I did have a flash recently. It was regarding my daughter, and she had progressed through her college and had become an expert in her field, being consulted by various other “experts”. Just a quick flash after talking to her last week, but it was nice.


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