Planning A Trip

As you know, we are going to Australia! 😉 This will be in May, and it’s going to commemorate the 10th anniversary of my meeting 2 very good friends who live there.  The first is my friend Margaret Rainbow Web, who I “met” serendipitously on the Web when I was following Michael Flatley around the globe (long, long story, probably never to be published).  Suffice to say that I became dear friends with this amazing woman who I have never met, and now I will have a chance to meet her in person, and I am completely thrilled about that.  Adelaide is also wine country, and maybe we’ll get to check out a few vineyards.

And of course, we will be visiting Danny, who has come to the US twice to see me (once when Meeps was alive and once here in CO), so it’s time for us to visit him.  He and his wife just moved from the Gove peninsula in the far north to the Glasshouse Mountain region north of Brisbane.  Apparently, their new house is about 8 miles from Steve Irwin’s zoo, so we will definitely check that out.

So, the flights are booked, at least from LA to Brisbane, the big part.  We’ll get our “hop” from here to LA and back.  I also hope to see a couple of old friends living in the LA area, at least maybe for a quick dinner before we head further west.

G is over the moon.  This will be the first “big” trip we’ve taken together aside from flying to Atlanta and driving there when my mom died.  This is a place that neither one of us has ever been before, so it will be a complete adventure.  We’ve got a big map of Australia that needs to go up, and we’re both combing the ‘Net for things to see, ways to get around, etc.  We would love to take a train from Brisbane to Adelaide, so if anyone has had experience with that, please share your knowledge!

At first, we had also wanted to add a trip to Uluru into the mix, as it is THE heart of aboriginal Australia, but with only 2 weeks of time and the distances involved, we have decided to place that into the hands of the travel gods.  If something puts itself in our path to take us there, we’ll go, but we’re not planning it right now.  However, I know how these things tend to work out, so I’m not discounting it either.

I have gone into my pre-trip mode of seeming not very excited about the whole thing.  I do this so as not to put a huge amount of expectations onto this.  Not that I don’t want to have a great time, I do.  I just know that you are so focused on expecting things in one direction that sometimes you miss an opportunity to have a perfectly wonderful experience because it slips by under your radar, or you say, no, not that, it’s not what I expected. I think when you travel the UNexpected is exactly what you want, right? I mean, not in the “oh the flight is delayed for 12 hours” unexpected, but like wandering off the main tourist routes and finding something novel and incredible just a few steps away.  That’s my travel philosophy anyway.

On a side note, work is completely dead today, which I why I’m writing this now.  Started strong and then petered right out.  I’ve had 2 reports in the last hour.  At 3 cents a line, things aren’t looking great.  I had sent my resume to another company and they seemed to express a little interest, but then nothing.  Ah, well.  Life is life and tomorrow is another day, Scarlett!

Please feel free to share your experiences of travel to Australia.  You know I love hearing from you!

Happy Weekend!



4 thoughts on “Planning A Trip

  1. That sounds so exciting! Sorry I can’t help with the planning, though. I have always wanted to visit Australia but the closest I have gotten so far is the National Geographic.

  2. GG, I am a little envious, I have never been to Oz before.

    I have an Aussie friend who is moving to the UK in March and will be staying with me for a few months, she is from Brisbane so I will be sure to ask her for recommendations on your behalf 🙂

    Enjoy the preparation.

    BTW I like my re- name in your blogroll, LOL

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