Oh, Yeah, Uh-Huh, Yummmm

Today while I was working my little fingers to the bone, I realized that I was thinking a lot about pizza.  But not just any kind of pizza.  I had several ingredients in mind that aren’t always at your local pizza delivery place.  Plus, I had seen a recipe for pizza dough in one of my favorite cookbooks:

and I was eager to try it.  I’ve had this cookbook for years, thanks to a wonderful friend, but I hadn’t ever tried the dough.  So, after I got done working, I went upstairs and put it together.  It was a very quick, easy to mix dough, rose in about 45 minutes, and rolled out well.  I stuck our round pan in the oven to get it hot, lay the rolled out dough on it and spread it with some softened pesto that I made from last summer’s basil.  This was topped with chopped Kalamata olives, sun-dried tomato strips, artichoke hearts and a generous amount of mozzarella. I wasn’t sure how it would cook with the oven at the suggested 500 degrees, but it didn’t burn, even though it did set off the smoke alarm (more from the heat, I think–I didn’t see smoke).  And the finished product was EXACTLY what I wanted:

No leftovers to worry about tonight…

I love it when a plan comes together!

Have a great weekend!


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