G’s appointment at the VA was all right; she met the new counselor who then got her in to see the psych MD who is in charge of prescribing the meds.  She doesn’t care much for him, but said that he actually seemed to sympathize with her and gave her some different dosing instructions and told her to make sure she called him on Monday.

She felt better yesterday and last night we went to the 2nd annual Valentine’s Day dance and karaoke party at our friends, the power dyke couple’s house.  We also were initiated into the Delta Iota Kappa Epsilon sorority of the Silver Beavers (you figure it out).  Much fun, dancing and bad singing was had by all.  And we have our official Sliver Beaver pins to prove it!  And one couple was celebrating their 30th anniversary.  Imagine, staying together for 30 years WITHOUT being married.

G and I are going on 8 years and hopefully we will live long enough to see 30.  I think that would rock!  Let’s see, we would be 75 and 78 respectively, so it’s definitely doable.  Nothing like having a plan to look forward to, right?

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your main squeeze, whoever he or she is!


PS–the above image is NOT our pin, just a random image I pulled off the ‘Net.


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