The Most Amazing Woman

Today, I told G that I really wanted to do the Wii as soon as I finished work today, before I had a chance to sit down and make excuses not to, so sweetheart that she is, she had it all set up and ready to go for me when I came upstairs.  But, before I could do it, our little prima dona dog was twitching around like, well, like a prissy little poodle with a big ‘tude, so we decided to take her for a quick walk around a couple of block.  Quick is right–we nearly sprinted the whole way.  I could barely keep up with that woman and her 2 new knees.  Her determination is just amazing, as coming back from the 2nd surgery has really been a process.

When we got back, I got ready to do my chosen work out, and she said she’d do it with me, which was fine.  I had picked a different trainer than she had, so the exercises were all different.  We made it through all 9 exercises with raised pulse and some sweat, then G decided she would do HER program, then she pulled up the dance challenge and decided to try that.

Now, she will be the first person to tell you that she has no rhythm, and dancing is really not in her skill set.  However, this particular set of exercises was more like yoga and balance, at least at the beginning.  First was a set of push ups that seemed to start from the downward dog pose:

Then slide THROUGH your arms until your body was parallel to the floor, then back to the above position and start over for 16 reps.  Yeah, right.  Down dog I can do, the rest, hardly.  THEN, the next pose was something like this:

I mean, really?  And of course the little sylph on the screen simply lifts her leg easily behind her, grabs the top of her foot and viola…there she is.  G amazed me.  She wasn’t able to actually hold her foot, but she held her leg back and was very steadily balancing on 1 leg with her arms in position for the entire time that the program held the pose, and she did it on both legs.  I was stunned.

When I think back to the shy, almost stuttering woman I met 8 years ago, who couldn’t say no to anyone, who was afraid to be alone, who nearly jumped at her own shadow, to this amazing strong and gifted woman she has become today, it really takes my breath away.  Add to that an injury nearly 20 years ago that most people would not have even survived, much less walked away from, I am just stunned by her will and strength and determination every single day.  She is my example and my inspiration, always.

I love her so much.


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