Formula For a Perfect Day

Quit work for the day at 11 a.m. There’s something about working just HALF a day that somehow makes the rest of it better.

Gather wife, dog, water, walking stick, hat and walking shoes and head to the river.

Walk by the Arkansas River just below the dam at the Pueblo Reservoir, watching 18-inch trout flashing in and out of shallow, rock-bound pools while 2 red-tailed hawks drift lazily overhead.  Notice the signs of beaver, deer and other critters and about a dozen different birds warming up to spring.  After about 4 miles, get back to the car.

Take the dog home and feed her.  Head out to your favorite microbrew pub for the Tuesday special (two 8-ounce Angus burgers with fries for $10.00) and a glass of the best Scotch ale ever.

Bring home a “growler” (approx half-gallon) of ale for future consumption.

Spend some “quality time” with your spouse exploring the new Valentine’s day present.

Recover. Cuddle. Giggle.

Hot tub in the sweet light, that perfect afternoon illumination that makes everything seem holy and perfect.

Return to everyday chores with a happy heart and gratitude for a wonderful life.

Not the least bit grumpy right now…


4 thoughts on “Formula For a Perfect Day

  1. hey gg..
    came across your blog on the aaysr page, and am so glad I did..dont remember the last time i read a new blog with so much pleasure!
    I see myself hanging out here more, and just so i dont miss anything, am adding you to my blogroll.
    have a great day

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