Lying In Wait

It’s been a while since I posted some photos and now I have a new toy to play with!  We got this:

last week!!  I LOVE it!  It weighs about 9 ounces, has a 10x digital and optical zoom and 10 megapixels.  I managed to get ONE photo on our walk described below before the battery died, but this little bird was taken from nearly 50 yards away:

I think that is pretty amazing.  We were in Denver for the last 24 hours at yet another dental appointment, but when we got back the weather was lovely AND we found out we had had this while we were gone:

That’s one-half inch of precipitation.  I know some of you Eastern readers will be laughing yourselves silly over me being excited about half an inch of rain, but memories of a 10-year drought still linger.

With the ground nicely soft and rich with compost:

the whole yard just feels like it’s holding its breath, waiting.  Spring is creeping in slowly; there are hints already:

But the rest of the yard is simply a picture of potential:

The trellis waiting for peas, and this space:

might be home to tomatoes and watermelons already thriving well in the kitchen window:

The medicine wheel is cleaned out and ready for the return of the perennials as well as any extra veggies we might decide to toss in.

It’s hard to imagine now that in only a few months the growth will be so lush that the framework of the wheel won’t even be visible until the fall.  The cycle is the same, but everything always seems new and different.  Each year the tree is just a bit taller, casting slightly different shadows over everything.  And of course, the woman who makes everything happen can’t resist moving things around and around!

Thanks to her, the porch is ready for visitors:

And if you think you’d have trouble finding us, then just look for this:

The Grumpy Granny Garden is ready for yet another season.  Ya’ll come back, now, ya hear?



One thought on “Lying In Wait

  1. Yay for gardening! This weekend we’ll be planting lettuce, spinach and peas ~ so excited!

    Uh, yeah, 1/2 inch of rain… the east coasters may be chuckling, but the pnw’ers are LOLing! I think we got a half inch yesterday, and the day before, and looks like it today too! But, I have lived in the high desert and well remember how precious any precipitation was…

    Enjoy your weekend!

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