I Have No Idea

A few years ago we bought one of these:

Looks just like that, same color and everything.  We love it.  It lives up to every, single one of Mr. Dyson’s claims.  G loves it even more because you can take the clear container off easily and wash it or (even better) blast it clean with the industrial strength air compressor that came with our garage (no kidding).  I like it because it works equally well on carpet, hardwood, linoleum, you name it.  And vacuuming it actually one of the few household chores that I don’t mind doing with some regularity.

Yesterday, I went to get our vacuum to get that chore done and I got it out into the living room and plugged in, and ready to go and even turned on before I realized that said clear container was not, in fact, on the vacuum.  Okay, sometimes I’m not that observant, sue me.  I thought maybe G had cleaned it out recently and just forgot to put it back, so I asked her.

Thus ensued a full-on search of house, top to bottom, yard and garage to find the majorly important dust catcher for our vacuum.  However, it was simply not to be found.  I mean, we looked EVERYWHERE, where you would never think of putting the dust container of a vacuum because, after all, we ARE approaching (or AT) “that certain age” where you are just as likely to drop your car keys in the trash as you are to put them on the top of the fridge where they belong.  I mean, we even looked inside the steps leading to the hot tub, where we store the chemicals, fer Pete’s sake!

The upshot is that the missing container is still missing, hence no vacuuming will be done until we either 1) find it or 2) get a replacement and I have no idea if you can or how much they cost, so I guess Google will come into play next.

Can you say frustrated? Pissed off? and not to say just plain freaked out.  I mean how the HELL do you lose half of a vacuum cleaner?  When you think about it, it’s kind of scary, although the simplest scenario is this: G took the dust catcher out to clean it and did so, but at the same time, she was probably thinking about half a million other things, so instead of bringing it back in the house, she just absent-mindedly dropped it in the trash.  And then promptly forgot she had been cleaning the vacuum at all.  I mean, truly, at our age, out of sight is immediately out of mind, which is why our house is covered in calendars and sticky notes!

One thing is sure–I know *I* didn’t lose it because, while I will vacuum and actually sometimes almost enjoy it, I have NEVER attempted to clean the dust catcher because I’m too afraid I will break it.  So, I’m off the hook on this one!

So, if any of you out there happen to see the dust container for a purple Dyson vacuum lying around somewhere, will you let us know?

I think it’s time for my nap, now….



4 thoughts on “I Have No Idea

  1. That’s funny. I could totally see me doing that. I have the slim Dyson & it’s so easy to drop the container in the trash, especially if you get distracted while emptying it. I hope you can find a replacement, maybe at a vacuum store that make repairs.

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