Please Say A Little Prayer…With Update*

Daughter and her whole family will be leaving tomorrow in her car (2003, but well over 100,000 miles) to drive to Atlanta to visit the relatives for spring break.  Her insurance is up to date and her tags are current.  I know she wants to get away for a few days, but of course, the worry button got pushed big time.  Her hubby is so excited though, because he’s never really been anywhere, so I hope the trip is wonderful for all of them.  It’s almost exactly 1500 miles door-to-door one way, so just send some good vibes for their safe journey and return home, if you think of it.

The mom and granny here will be doing her best to not bite her nails to the quick.  She said she would call me with updates.  I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not!

Thank you so much!


*It’s now Sunday, 03/21/2010.  She called me last night around 10 pm my time, frantic that she was approaching or through Kansas City and couldn’t find I-70 East again and it was snowing.  She calmed down as we talked (hubby yelling at her in the background didn’t help.  Have I said lately that in spite of trying to be nice about it, I don’t much like men at all?) and said she thought she was heading back right.

This morning at 7 ish I got a call from my sister who had just woke up and was apparently on Prozac withdrawal all frantic because they weren’t there.  I reminded her it was 1500 miles and to expect them some time between 2 pm today and dark.

No word from anyone since then and just left a voice mail on daughter’s phone.  I continue to repeat that whenever she is concerned, no news is good news.

Thank you for your concern and caring.


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