Falling In Love Again

I was going to write a post today dealing in some way with health care and my spin on things but then, right before I was done work, G came downstairs and asked me if I wanted to go for a bike ride when I was finished.  The weather today had totally cleared up from the dreary snowiness or snowy dreariness of the last couple of days and it was a perfect Colorado spring day so I jumped at the chance.  The bikes have been on the trainers in the garage and I will say that I have actually been out there a fair amount of the time, putting in 30 minutes or so jamming to The Traveling Wilburys or Melissa or John Fogarty.  Now I have a new Lady Gaga CD, so that one will definitely be in the “riding to nowhere” playlist.

But today!  Oh, today was a perfect day.  I got my bike out of the garage, zipped my helmet tight to my head, but on my neoprene biking glove (oh, they make me feel so damn butch!) and headed down the road to this place.  Words, of course, don’t do it justice, and I hope some photos will follow. We walked there yesterday, and did a full circuit.  Between the half-mile or so it takes to actually get there from our house, and the circumference we walked, we figured it to be about 4 miles.  It is a little slice of heaven just outside our door.  It’s still under construction, but the lake is there (constructed in 1873 to provide domestic water for the steel mill families), the surrounding wetlands are there, and the bike/walking paths are there.  All the rest that is coming will be icing on the cake.

I can’t explain what happened to me today when I turned my bike out of the gate and onto the street.  First of all, it was obvious that the time spent in the garage pedaling away made a huge difference.  Riding was easy.  I mean, easy like when I was a kid!  I felt like I was flying.  The sun was full on my face, but it was still cool enough in the breeze not to even feel hot or sweaty.  That would come once I stopped.  We rode the short distance to the actual park, then got our bikes over the curb and onto the fine gravel trail.  This was the first time I had ridden a bicycle off of a paved road probably since I was in high school.  The sense of absolute freedom I felt was nearly overwhelming.  I just wanted to GO.  G still struggles with balance on a bike and her gearing isn’t too confident yet, but she does fine.  I couldn’t hang back with her today, though. I just had to ride.  I mean, I felt like I wasn’t even putting any effort into it, but suddenly I was probably a quarter-mile ahead of her.  We decided to just to a half-circuit and then come back the same way as the total walkway is not yet graveled, and there were some areas on our walk that were very muddy.  I wasn’t quite up for being off-road and in mud, so we decided to just stay on the high road and stay dry.  I stopped at the top end of the circle, by a new playground that is right beside one of Pueblo magnet schools.  I sat on a bench to wait for G, and looking off to the left, by a huge, old cottonwood tree, I could see a prairie dog sticking his head out of his burrow.  Yesterday a whole flock of snow geese floated over us while we were walking and we saw killdeer and some kind of duck that I’d never seen before.  Today it was prairie dogs and on the way back I heard a meadowlark.  I can’t wait to take this ride before work once it get light early enough!

Soon enough, G caught up with me and then we turned around and headed back.  The afternoon sun was like a first kiss, and the breeze was a full-on head wind.  Sooner than we realized, we were back on the street and heading home.  Then came a quick trip to L0we’s to buy fence pickets, cement and spray paint for our porch chairs. And more veggie seeds.

After that, a sittin’ spell on the porch was in order, and shortly, we will be watching the next episode in RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo TV.  I confess, this granny loves a good drag queen!  And RuPaul even trumps Dancing With the Stars which also starts a new season tonight.

You know, this is SOOOO much better than worrying over health care and stupid politics.  Maybe I’ll get around to that other post soon.  On the other hand, why don’t ya’ll come over and we’ll go on a bike ride??


PS – All is well.  Daughter and her crew arrived in GA yesterday around 5 pm their time.  Hopefully they and my sister will survive the visit.


2 thoughts on “Falling In Love Again

  1. What a great day! I could just about feel it right along with you… oh, what I would give to hear a meadowlark today. I miss the high desert!

    Thanks for sharing such a lovely word picture.

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