So You Think God Cares?

Today on FaceB00k, one of my friends posted a link to this blog with this leading story.  There were many outraged comments, all the usual bluster and fluster and huffing and puffing.  Honestly, when these things show up, I feel like I’m in the middle of one of those herds of elephant seals that are vying for the attention of the lovely females in heat.  All that roaring and chest beating–and that’s just the lesbians! 😉

Seriously.  The headline, “Gay’s Shouldn’t Be Given Funerals” elicited a huge belly laugh from me.  Not anger, not outrage, not even a little bit of annoyance.  A belly laugh.  Which is exactly what it deserves.

Okay, God.  I mean, God.  THE God.  The being, entity, force, energy or whatever you want to call IT, HE or SHE (or roll all 3 of them together for some big SHEHEIT) that created everything.  Like EVERYTHING.

Can you honestly stand there, Bishop Francesco Nole of Tursi, Italy and begin to say that YOU know what God wants?  Really? You?  I don’t think so.

As finite beings, it is a basic premise of our mere existence that we will never be able to comprehend the infinite.  If god IS all of those things, if god IS the creator of everything that exists, then whatever mere words we can come up with are so woefully inadequate as to try to stop a tsunami with a  single feather.  At least the Jews TRY to say that god is beyond their comprehension by not even using the entire word, using G-D or YHWH to indicate that despite politicians and newscasters, there actually ARE things that words cannot express.

We toss off words like “awesome” or “mind altering” all the time to describe minor little experiences.  How on earth are we going to describe this massive, inexorable, unknowable, truly awesome and absolutely mind altering force of ultimate creation? Of God?

And we think this force CARES what we do?  And we think (some of us) that simply getting a bunch of people to believe a certain way (gays shouldn’t have funerals) and then acting a certain way (denying a Catholic funeral to a gay person) is going to have ANY effect on what happens to that person after they die?  Hmmm, I wonder if Bishop Nole could be encouraged to hasten his demise so he could make SURE that God doesn’t allow any gays into heaven after they die.  I’m sure God would really appreciate that “help”.

The complete arrogance of people of any faith who go out of their way to tell other people how to act and believe never ceases to amaze me.

Let me be crystal clear here.  Every single person on this planet (and all other planets) should be able to worship their god as they see fit.  They should be able to go to church (or not), sing praise (or not) and get as much spiritual fulfillment from their faith as they possibly can.

It’s when the grouping and shunning and judging and the crucifying and the suicide bombing start that I get off the religion wagon.  Unfortunately, humans love their hierarchies.  They can’t just worship for their own fulfillment.  They have to clump together and reinforce each other to make sure they’re “on the right track” and that they’ve found the “one way” and all that other good missionary type stuff.  Then, they get all nervous that other people might have something on them.  They SAY it’s because they want to “share” the wonder and the joy of their faith, but that’s not it at all.  It’s really because they’re shaking in their damn boots that somebody else might have another “way” and they want to make sure that nobody but THEM gets to the good place.

Fear is so sad.  And the even sadder part is that they’re all running around down here like ants who’ve had their hill stomped on by a size 14 brogan, and God, creation, love and infinity just go on without them.

Which is exactly what I’m going to do.

Carry on.



5 thoughts on “So You Think God Cares?

  1. well said indeed!

    religions and nations are a bit like a group of kids around a sand castle, isn’t it ? ‘this is mine, and it is MUCH better than yours! because I say so ,that’s why!’ when are we going to grow up?

  2. Ditto what thurman said:

    Amen Sister!

    I think it’s pretty safe to say that most of the anguish in our puny history has been caused by misguided religious zealots. And politicians.

  3. Having been out since 1973, I long ago decided that it’s not worth the energy to get bent out of shape about what bishops or anyone else say against queerfolk.

    It’s THEIR problem, not ours.

    God/dess just shakes His/Her head and says, “Boy are YOU going to be surprised when you see who else is in my Kingdom!”

    It’s sad….

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