Nightmare on Pine Street

I don’t dream much; that is, I don’t often remember my dreams.  I suppose I dream as much as anyone does.  However, when I DO remember my dreams, they are 1) usually after I wake up around 3:30 a.m. and go back to sleep and 2) complete and utter “doozies”.

I had one such this morning.  I had done my usual nighttime routine of waking up at said 3 a.m. or so and gotten back to sleep–you know, that totally warm and snuggly sleep that you never want to get out of even when you know it’s time to get up though the alarm hasn’t gone off, but your mind is trying to fight its way past your wiser body.

I dreamed I was in bed with G, just like normal.  Peaches was there, too, asleep way up on G’s pillow right by her head, which is NOT where she sleeps normally (in her own little bed in the corner till she gets cold, then under the covers on G’s side).  I dreamed that the bedroom door was open just a crack and that I could see flickering light and THOUGHT I was hearing murmuring voices.  In my dream, I thought it was probably just the TV left on.

However, something told me it wasn’t, even though Peaches wasn’t barking or making any fuss.  So, I got up in my dream to go out and see what was making the light/noise.

Imagine my surprise (and dismay) to find my sister there in the middle of the kitchen with these 2 utterly scruffy-looking guys.  One was obviously in the throes of alcohol or drug withdrawal (that’s what I get for all those detox and rehab reports!), and the other one was straight out of Law and Order SVU–a pimp or a pusher or something equally evil.  My sister was standing there all wimpy and confused looking and simpering about how she sold her car and got some money and they had all come out here to rent some kind of house that G’s grandmother owned.

I was livid!  Here were these strange, scruffy, rather threatening and obviously dysfunctional people and they had just walked into my house!  My HOME!  In my dream, I grabbed each guy by the collar and shoved them out the front door.  I was yelling and hollering about how dare they come into the house without knocking or even asking.  How DARE they?  My sister just kept on simpering in the background like none of it was going on, as it all of it was the most normal thing in the world.

Someone kept going on about renting the house.  I told them that there was no house to rent and whatever they decided to do they weren’t to come back to this house–ever.  This was to the 2 guys who were now on the front porch.  My sister was still in the house, not seeming very interested in going with them.

And then I woke up.  I was completely disturbed by this dream.  I still felt the sense of invasion and violation.  Even though I was raised in the South, I am NOT a person who likes it when people just walk in without knocking or even being invited.  It bugs the crap out of me.  Anyway, I couldn’t figure out why I would dream something like that.  I guess I could read all kinds of interpretation into to it, but I suppose somewhere I must feel some kind of a threat–at least that seems to be the most logical explanation; however, I also know that dreams are seldom logical.

I’ve been thinking about this all day, now more curious than upset.  If there’s anyone out there with dream interpretation experience, I’d love to hear your take on this.



5 thoughts on “Nightmare on Pine Street

  1. But you shoved them out! you might be feeling threatened, but your subconscious knows that you can kick that threat’s a*se!
    that’s always a good sign..

  2. from the other gg – gentle gardener – i have those kinds of dreams. the really disturbing part is the background counterpoint/descant of the family member being completely CLUELESS and dumping all the people, stuff, problems, scary things, on you, while you (or I) try valiantly to ‘fix it’, ‘save’ someone etc.

    no interpretation yet. only, the Frustrations of the Responsible One occasionally leak out…..

    love and light


  3. on the lighter side, it sounds an awful like Holly Hunter in ‘Raising Arizona’ when clueless Nicholas Cage’s friends (John Goodman & ? – you will know the actor’s name) turn up straight from the pokey. Well, straight up out of the sewer line out of the pokey……

    As long as your next line is NOT Holly’s character’s:
    “Hy, I need me an INFANT!”

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