Yeah, got me a coupla’ new crushes.  My old favorite show has a brilliant leader:

Is she not the hottest thing on 2 feet?  AND she can dance.  Ima swoooonin’ on Monday nights.

AND, on my NEW favorite show, this lovely lady sadly got voted off, but I thought she was adorable, in drag or out:

I love me a drag queen!  Sadly, the 2 shows are on opposite each other, so Monday night involves a lot of flippin’.  Make of that what you will.

Hee hee,



2 thoughts on “Crushin’

  1. I have no idea what these shows are? Dancing ones? I am watching American Idol for the first time and I am so hooked that it is almost embarrassing. I take my bath at 6:30 so that I can be plopped in front of the television in my jammies by 7…

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